5 Things We Want to See in Season 5 of ‘Superstore’

Superstore is coming back this week, and after last season’s supercharged finale, things are going to be very interesting. The showrunners have said in interviews that the season will start right where last season left off – with Mateo being carted away by ICE and the Cloud 9 employees on the brink of forming a union.

I’m so excited to see what’s in store for our favorite retail employees this year. Here are a few of my hopes for the new season:

Set Mateo Free!

The season is starting with Mateo Liwanag in ICE custody for being an undocumented immigrant. His status has been story-line that has been going on for several seasons, so it will be interesting to see where the show takes it from here. Obviously, I’m hoping Mateo does not get deported. I want him back in the store with his friends.


The writers shined the light Mateo’s story in the finale, which was timely as ICE raids are more common than not these days. I think they have an opportunity here to continue the story to show what comes after these raids for those who experience them, as well as treat the subject with the care and respect it deserves.

Strike, Strike, Strike!

“Even though we ain’t got hats or badges, we’re a union just by saying so!” Sorry, any talk of unions automatically makes me think of Newsies. Cloud 9 employees are forming a union, and I hope that story-line will continue into the new year. Will Amy get on board after what happened with Mateo? Or will she work hard to keep the union out of the store? She was put in the tough situation of knowing that if they organized, the store would probably be shut down.


Now that she has the perks of a management position, will she forget all the terrible stuff about being a floor worker?

With folks from the other store potentially on the chopping block showing up to help with the Mateo situation in the finale, I wonder if Cloud 9 employees are going to band together system-wide to unionize. And if things continue as they are – will they strike? I hope so, because their healthcare system sucks. And from the season preview, they are about to get replaced with robots.

Keep my ship together

I love Amy and Jonah – and I hope they will continue to date despite their current differences. Sure, it’s awkward now that she’s the boss. And sure, they were on opposing sides of the union issue. But one of the things I always liked about them was that they could fight about things and still appreciate one another. I hope this trend continues.


And what’s with Jonah continuing to chat with his ex-girlfriend Kelly, as revealed in the finale? I don’t like that one bit, mister. Not at all. Will we see the adorable blonde (I love Kelly, despite her dating Jonah) more this season to possibly throw a wrench between my favorite couple on the show? If so, I hope Jonah and Amy can rise above that angst.

A happily ever after for Sandra

I will admit it, I’m a fan of quiet and meek Sandra. I was so happy last year when she got some backbone and stole her man back from Carol. Even though the whole coin flip thing was funny, I was so mad that Sandra was separated from her soulmate Jerry because of it.

Season previews show that Sandra will be preparing for her wedding to Jerry, but I’m sure Carol is not going to go down with a fight. No matter what happens, I hope the perpetually stomped on Sandra gets a little bit of happiness.

More of the other characters

One of the things I love about Superstore is it is such an ensemble show. The cast does an amazing job bringing their characters to life, and there are so many story-lines for them to continue to explore. Will Dina ever forgive Garrett for the whole bird thing? I kind of hope she doesn’t and makes his life more miserable. I enjoy these two when they are at odds and when they are banging, or both! These two are hot disasters, and I love them.


How will Cheyenne function without Mateo at work? I hope to see her put in charge of more store projects this year, because the carpool and green committees went super well last season.


As Glenn continues to adjust to no longer being a manager, I hope we see him come to more understandings about how good he had it compared to everyone else all those years.

And will we finally see Marcus get a home, or will he continue to channel Natalie Portman’s character in Where the Heart Is and keep living in the store? At least he’s not going to have a baby there.

Whatever happens this season, Superstore will be sure to make us laugh while it also explores the harsh realities of working in a big box retail store. The new season premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 on NBC. Check out a first look video here.


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