‘Outlander’: Season Five New First Look Video & Pictures

Hello season five!

Do you feel the end of Droughtlander coming? Well, we still have a few months to go, but at least we got some content out of NYCC!

First, a first look at season five that has us counting the days:

And of course, some pictures from the season that don’t do much to quell our anxiety.

EVERYONE LOOKS WORRIED! Can they, for once, you know, just get some happiness? I’m not even asking for a full episode, but like fifteen minutes?


In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and have no idea what Outlander is, or what this season is going to be about, here’s the press release:

About “Outlander” Season Five

Season Five of “Outlander” finds the Frasers fighting for their family and the home they have forged on Fraser’s Ridge. Jamie must find a way to defend all that he has created in America, and to protect those who look to him for leadership and protection – while hiding his personal relationship with Murtagh Fitzgibbons, the man whom Governor William Tryon has ordered him to hunt down and kill. With her family together at last, Claire Fraser must use her modern medical knowledge and foresight to prevent them from being ripped apart once again. However, while focusing on protecting others, she risks losing sight of what it means to protect herself.  Meanwhile, Brianna Fraser and Roger MacKenzie have been reunited, but the spectre of Stephen Bonnet still haunts them. Roger strives to find his place – as well as Jamie’s respect – in this new and dangerous time. The Frasers must come together, navigating the many perils that they foresee – and those they can’t. 

Season Five of “Outlander” is currently in production in Scotland. The fifth season will play out over 12 episodes and is based on material from Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling Outlander series.

What do you think about our first look at season five? Are you excited? Share with us in the comments below!

Outlander premieres February 16th, 2020 on Starz.

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