‘Outlander’ 6×08 Review: ”I Am Not Alone”

Outlander 6×08 “I Am Not Alone” is an episode that doesn’t feel like an end, but rather a beginning and things stay…on hold, to say the least

Outlander 6×08 Advance Review: “I Am Not Alone”

We have a lot of feelings about Outlander 6×08 “I Am Not Alone.” Whether that’s good or bad is for you to decide.

‘Outlander’ 6×07 Review: “Sticks and Stones”

Outlander 6×07 “Sticks and Stones” shows us Claire vulnerability and is proof of why Jamie and Claire’s love is the basis of everything.

‘Outlander’ 6×06 Review: “The World Turned Upside Down”

Outlander 6×06 “The World Turned Upside Down” is about Claire and Jamie’s lives collapsing, finding a new way to break our hearts.

‘Outlander’ 6×06 Advance Review: “The World Turned Upside Down”

Outlander 6×06 “The World Turned Upside Down” is two episodes at once. There’s half of it we love, half of it we really, really don’t.

‘Outlander’ 6×05 Review: “Give Me Liberty”

Outlander 6×05 “Give Me Liberty” shows the difficulty of dancing between two glasses of water while Malva show her true colors.

‘Outlander’ 6×04 Review: “Hour of the Wolf”

Outlander 6×04 “Hour of the Wolf” is a transitional episode where Ian tells his story and overcome his past. We review!

’Outlander’ 6×03 Review: ”Temperance”

Outlander 6×03 “Temperance” sees Fergus fight with his demons while Roger remains the character he should always be.

‘Outlander’ 6×03 Advance Review: “Temperance”

Outlander 6×03 “Temperance” is one of the most emotional family focused episodes this show has done in a while, and it works.

‘Outlander’ 6×02 Review: ”Allegiance”

Outlander 6×02 “Allegiance” delves into Fergus‘s change, while Jamie and Ian grapple with the issues of playing two sides. And Roger rules!

‘Outlander’ 6×02 Advance Review: “Allegiance”

Outlander 6×02 “Allegiance” is a very balanced episode, with good moments for just about everyone. We preview the hour.

‘Outlander’ 6×01 Review: ”Echoes”

Outlander 6×01 “Echoes” focuses on the consequences of the season 5 finale as it opens the Ridge’s door to new problems. We review!

‘Outlander’ Season 6 Advance Review: A (New) New Beginning

Outlander Season 6 is a new (new) beginning for the Frasers and the season promises some surprises for book and show fans alike.

‘Outlander’: Season Five New First Look Video & Pictures

Hello season five! Do you feel the end of Droughtlander coming? Well, we still have a few months to go, but at least we got some content out of NYCC! First, a first look at season five that has us…

‘Outlander’ 4×13 “Man of Worth” Review: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF

We’ve reached the end of another season of Outlander, a season of high highs and low lows, a season where, at times, the show broke mercifully away from the books, and yet in so many important things, it stuck very…

‘Outlander’ 4×12 “Providence” Review: The One Where We Are Bored

Liking a show doesn’t mean being blind to it’s faults, and reviewing a show often means having to look at it from a place of nitpicking instead of a place of just enjoying it. As such, I’m often noticing tiny…

‘Outlander’ 4×11 Review: “If Not For Hope”

There are episodes that can’t be truly called filler episodes – a hell of a lot happened in “If Not For Hope,” but that doesn’t mean the hour was especially thrilling, or that this is one episode you’ll be looking…

‘Outlander’ 4×10 “The Deep Heart’s Core” Review: Those Backward Times

There are plenty of times where, despite the fact that we are watching a show set in the past – a show that even when it was set in the present, it was more than half a century removed from…

‘Outlander’ 4×09 “The Birds and The Bees” Review: Home is The People That Love You

I’ve been waiting to write this particular review for a while now. Probably as long as you’ve been waiting to see this moment. This is, after all, THE highlight of Season 4, just like the Jamie and Claire meeting was…

‘Outlander’ 4×08 “Wilmington” Review: The Lowest of Lows

Sometimes, they say, after the highest of highs comes the lowest of lows. I wish it weren’t so. I wish we were here to discuss anything but what book readers knew was likely coming in this episode of Outlander, but…

‘Outlander’ 4×07 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Review: Dreaming as the Days Go By

This is probably going to be both a deeply emotional and yet ragey review for Outlander‘s “Down the Rabbit Hole.” And no – in case you’re a book reader – nothing has happened to Brianna to make you avoid this…