‘Outlander’ 6×08 Review: ”I Am Not Alone”

Outlander 6x08: ”I Am Not Alone”
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  1. Christine E Smilak says:

    Season 7 is going to be a real nail biting season. Everyone will be on the edges of their chairs while watching Jamie trying to find Claire and Claire having to defend herself with Brown trying to have her convicted of Malva’s killing. And what about the whistling Dixie man. He is in the same jailhouse as Claire. Will they meet? Will Roger and Bree be able to find Jamie and Claire once they find out about the happenings on the Ridge while they are gone. So many nail biting things that will be going on all at once. I can’t wait for season 7. Bring it on season 7.

    1. Raquel says:

      Yeah!!! Season 7 has the potential to be one of the best because they have a lot of threads to pull and it sure brings us great moments. Can’t wait! And thank you for your comment! ☺️

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