‘Batwoman’ 1×02 Review: “The Rabbit Hole”

Batwoman‘s “The Rabbit Hole” was a powerful episode about family, love, and the lengths you’re willing to go to make things right or your way. Kate saved her sister in a heartbreakingly beautiful scene underwater, Mary survived an attack by Alice, and we found out that Mary’s mom is involved in whatever the hell happened to Alice way back when and now in Gotham.

All of this makes Batwoman one of the most interesting CW DCTV shows and we’re only on episode 2! Imagine when we really get going and get to see more of the glorious acting by Rachel Skarsten? Imagine when truths finally start pouring out and it’s revealed that stepmother is evil? Imagine all the greatest Batwoman is about to serve us and get ready for more!

Kate’s Complicated Relationship with Alice


The underwater scene in The Rabbit Hole was Kate’s turn to be with her sister. She wasn’t going to run, abandon her, or the list of things Kate feels like she did to her sister. She chose to save Alice because somewhere in there is a sister reaching out for help, a sister on the brink of drowning because of the weight of her past. And there’s no way that Kate will leave Alice to deal with all the shit in their lives alone.

In a way, it’s Kate’s redemption. Even though she was a child, she felt like she abandoned Beth when she needed help the most. It’s not fair and Kate was just a kid, but that pain is still alive and well in Kate’s heart and psyche. Coming for Alice, breaking her out of that van, and saving her life was Kate’s way of making up for her mistakes in the present, even if they’re on opposing sides.

As for Alice, the fact that her sister came for her matters. Yes, she might be a little mad, but she’s so damn smart and on point that she knew it was her sister under that mask. There’s love still present and alive between these two and as they battle each other it’s going to be interesting watching where they hold punches and where they don’t back down, even if they’re sisters or especially because they’re sisters.

We Must Protect Mary at All Costs


I love Mary. I love how she runs an illegal clinic because she wants to help people and has her own guys to collect and bring people to her in said clinic. I love how she’s a goober who likes sharing funny videos with her stepsister during breakfast. And I love how no matter what comes her way, Mary thrives and stays. (Take that, Alice!)

It’s because of this that I want to protect Mary from all the darkness in the Gotham world and why I think she’s going to be one of the most important characters on Batwoman. She has a heart of gold and to Alice, she’s a threat. And sure, maybe Mary was right to say that she wasn’t a real threat to Alice’s plans now…but she will be in the future. I feel that fact in my bones.

Whatever comes next, I want to see more of Mary. More of Mary saving the day and being the hero Gotham needs by taking care of those who need her help. More of Mary hanging out with her sister and building their bond as family. More of Mary to the point where she finds out about Kate’s Batwoman secret and chills in the lair with Fox.

Give us more Mary!

The Stepmom is in On This?!


Now that I think about it, I should’ve seen this coming. Because as much as TV likes breaking stereotypes, sometimes they love sticking to OG tropes like the evil stepmother one. And that’s what I see here; a woman, a stepmother,  who is on the brink of destruction because the ghosts of her past are coming for her and they’re coming now.

Evil stepmom had something to do with the crash. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Either she was in on the bus being hijacked or she found out that Beth survived but did nothing to rescue her when she could. That right there breeds anger, resentment, and a whole bucket load of revenge on Alice’s part because she feels left behind and abandoned.

Power does strange things to people and what if that’s what happened with the evil stepmother. She wanted power, there was a family in the way of said power, so she took them out the only way that she knew would work. The only way she thought would be permanent. Problem is, it wasn’t and her little secret survived and thrived.

Alice isn’t going anywhere. So blow up her van, evil stepmother. Pretend to be Alice to steal her things, stepmother. Do anything that you have to stepmother. Because this is the end of the line. No more hiding behind your image, that of your husbands or the Crows. Your past is here and it’s angry.

Things We Thought, We Think:

  • Super hero landing
  • Need that wig ma child
  • Hitting that Sophie thing on the head
  • Also, dropping that breakfast bomb
  • Alice is the right amount of crazy and I love it
  • Girl needs her damn knife
  • Omg the pinkies toucheddd
  • HA GAY
  • Landing on top of each other
  • Dad breaking in like Oh yeah kool-aid man
  • Mary is my favorite sweet summer child
  • Child actors are hard to find but this one did a good job
  • Rachel is killing it
  • Dear lord
  • Family feels moments
  • And here I thought you could keep a secret.
  • BURN.
  • DO
  • NOT
  • HURT
  • MARY
  • Damn that was intense
  • And beautiful
  • She held her face under water
  • And Kate didn’t want her to be alone.
  • Commence crying!
  • My sweet child Mary is still being a badass.
  • Sophie hesitated.
  • I saw it.
  • You saw it.
  • He, she, we saw it.
  • Also, damn it with the stepmom.
  • Woah.



Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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