‘Batwoman’ Premiere Spoiler Free Review

You’ve been wary of The CW’s Batwoman? We’ve been wary. We wanted this, we just didn’t know what to expect from the character, or the actors, and hey, our track record with The CW is murky at best. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we really, really don’t.

This time we absolutely loved it. The “it” beingĀ Batwoman.

Without giving too much away, because The CW would kill us, here are my FEELS after watching the season premiere of Batwoman, starring Ruby Rose.

Read on and when you’re done, tell us what you’re most excited about when it comes to Batwoman!

Ruby Rose Actually Killed It


I had my doubts when it came to Ruby Rose. I tried to stay positive during the announcement because I remember the amazing job that Heath Ledger did with the Joker. But I still had my doubts. That all changed after the premiere of Batwoman. I saw Kate Kane when I looked at Ruby Rose. I saw the fighter for justice, the crusader for good, and the kind of hero we need in this day and age. And if she killed it in the premiere she’s going to kill it all season long!

Batwoman Was Unapologetically Queer and It Was Amazing


Kate Kane is gay, queer, a lesbian. And that’s ok. I mean, it might not be ok with some guys because bigots are everywhere, but she’s who she is and she has no problem. Also, it’s not ALL she is. Too often queer characters, all they have is their coming out story. It’s who we are and what people think we only care about. Batwoman is different in that. Being a lesbian is just another part of her life and that’s ok. It’s more than ok. IT’S BRILLIANT!

Alice is the Villain We Need


Rachel Skarsden is a gift to us and I can’t believe she’s going to be the Ying to the Yang that is Batwoman. She’s funny, determined, and throws Alice in Wonderland quotes into any situation she well pleases. There’s undeniable potential that this will be Batwoman‘s white whale, her greatest enemy. But things aren’t as easy and conflict free. Secrets lurk in the darkness when it comes to Alice.

The Action is on Point


The people responsible for the stunts did great work at making everything smooth and realistic. Also, all the Kate Kane fighting scenes felt real and not over the top. It felt like that’s what would happen if you punched someone in the abdomen of in the face with a paddle. Which, I’m not saying happened. But I’m also not saying it didn’t happen.

Liked it Better Than the Arrow Series Premiere


I said what I said. The Batwoman series premiere was better than the series premiere of Arrow, aka the flagship show that started us down this road. Personally, I thought the Arrow premeire was weak and gave me a person I disliked. Batwoman gives you someone to cheer for, someone you like instantly, and someone who you could easily see yourself getting invested in. And that right there is what makes the Batwoman premiere SO AMAZING!

Batwoman premieres October 6, 2019.


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