‘Roswell, New Mexico’ NYCC Interviews: Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons

It’s very rare that I freeze when talking to people, but when it came to sitting across from the cast of Roswell, I admit I was shaking a bit. It’s rare that I love a show so much – after years of writing about TV, Movies and Books – I am kind of jaded.

But with Roswell, New Mexico, I found the love for fandom that had disappeared from my life. The show, which tells the story of aliens living in Roswell, New Mexico after a crash landing in the 1940’s. It’s set in modern day though, touches on all of the things that are happening in the world today, and isn’t afraid to touch on subjects that a lot of shows would shy away from.

Two of the characters – Liz and Max – played by Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons, respectively – are some of the most beautifully written characters on television. Liz is this perfect combination of strength and vulnerability, but the fierce fire in her soul overpowers all of that. Max has told way too many lies, misguided by his intense feelings of love and loyalty, but it’s his willingness to put everyone else first that makes you overlook all of those for a quick second.

The two combined are one of the fans favorite ships – Echo (a combination of their last names). Talking to them, I admit, I was enamored.

I couldn’t speak.

Because the way that these two are written, well that’s been a big part of my love for the show. It’s also influenced me on a different level – inspiring the way that I learn from Liz to be strong, vulnerable, but believe in myself. She’s a character that speaks to so many.

And Max, I may not always agree with his actions, but I do believe that he means the best and has the best of intentions. And I do believe that at the end of season one, him bringing Rosa back to life was his attempt at redemption. But can you really redeem yourself from years and years of lies?

Along with some other sites, we sat down at roundtables at New York Comic Con and talked what has happened and what is coming up.

What are your thoughts on Liz and Max? On Rosa coming back? We can’t wait to hear it all.

Roswell, New Mexico returns midseason on The CW.

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