‘Evil’ 1×07 Review: “Vatican III”


It’s all coming together!

My biggest complaint literally all season for Evil has been that every storyline seems to be so disjointed from the rest.

But finally- finally, in episode 7 entitled “Vatican III” we see a couple of things start to shift. We have known that a greater story was being told- even with the whole “case of the week” happening, and this week, we are finally getting some answers. Mind you, all these answers bring on many more questions, but this is was the first episode I was excited to watch and didn’t get bored at all in, so I am here for all the questions!

It’s just the surface, but we have seen the first connection between the Church, and Leland.

I mean… is he a demon? Like a literal demon? Or does he just worship one?

Either way, there’s a hierarchy of demons.

How funny is it that these super intense (and rude) Vatican superiors have had this thing lying around for years- apparently hundreds of years, and it took Kristen like, 0.0000002 seconds to figure out?


Yeah, sure- it was a connection that Leland brought, but it just made me laugh. And David just googled “Demon Sigils” and found them all. And our Vatican 3 were like, ah yes, maybe.

No dude. Google it. It’s literally a demon sigil.

So yeah, maybe that part seemed a bit… unrealistic, but at least we know what “the 60” is now.

The demon hierarchy. And Leland’s a part of it. Or he worships it, I don’t know. But the 60 have to do with Demons. (Still not over the fact that Demons in this show have very normal names like George and Howard. It’s a bit distracting if I’m being honest, but I’ll power through.)

And you want to know who else may have had something to do with “the 60”?

David’s DAD!

It was a great little revelation to leave us with at the end of the episode, and I think it will maybe actually push David’s storyline further in terms of his faith. Right now he’s a priest in training, but is very attracted to Kristen (who’s sorta married, but like… not really at this point). And I just wonder if this storyline will actually what will set him away from his faith for a while.


These kids are already having a lot of sexy nightmares about each other. I think sooner or later they’ll be acted upon.

Another thing I wonder is if this storyline will also help Kristen believe? Right now there’s a very clear divide amongst the team, and while I do enjoy their banter, I do wonder if there will ever be a bit more of a middle ground.

Either way, I am here for it now.

This week’s episode changed a lot of me, and I think I will add Evil to my roster of shows. Let’s just hope it sticks to this high, and we see this story unravel and shake us all to our core

Agree? Disagree? What did you think of this episode of Evil?

Evil airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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