‘The Morning Show’ 1×05 Review: “No One’s Gonna Harm You, Not While I’m Around”


Because this week’s The Morning Show, episode 5 entitled “No one’s gunna harm you, not while I’m around” is all about putting your game face on.

Most of the episode is about the Times piece that will go out about the whole Mitch situation – and everyone’s anticipation about it. We see just how many people are on the line here – and their frustrations about the piece going out, not its content, is actually the most disturbing thing in this episode.

From Fred threatening his legal department’s jobs, to Mitch showing up almost begging his ex-staff to fight for him, and even Chip calling in a favour. (It was also hinted at that it was Chip who tipped off the Times, and I feel like I don’t know how to handle this information). These guys aren’t really worried about the fact that women in their place of work felt threatened, or unsafe. They didn’t seem to care about just how gross what Mitch did, was; but only- that they’d lose their jobs.

It’s a waiting game. And what happens when people are waiting?

They engage in politics.

At fancy fundraisers, obviously.

And let’s just say this. Jennifer Aniston is an absolute gem and I want to see her host literally any thing. Let her be Rickey Gervais’ co-host at the Golden Globes this year! Or just have her live stream an actual dinner party with Ellen. Anything, because she is radiant.

One of the more interesting turn of events was Corey warming up to Alex. His intrigued looks throughout the first couple of episodes have definitely been telling, but I am curious to see what the long game is. Because there is always a long game. And it seems like Alex isn’t buying any of his shit either- and so… we get our episode title and Jennifer Aniston’s singing debut.

And man! She’s not bad!

Watching both Alex and Corey sing Sweeney Todd, both while knowing and understanding the context was pretty much- well, mesmerizing.

What I loved about this episode was the different perspectives we got about this whole Mitch Kessler debacle. At Claire’s birthday party, we see just how differently everyone sees the situation- and maybe some of those opinions are based on age, and experience. We get to see Alex become so overwhelmed with the people at her party that she runs away to go see Mitch.

And that says something, doesn’t it? We learn that she “knew it all in theory”- and still, she wants to see her best friend. And while I think it’s a touchy subject, I do think it’s one to be explored.

How black and white are these situations. How black and white are these characters.

13 Reasons Why season 3, I think did a great job at opening up that can of worms. And I think no matter what anyone’s opinion is – it’s valid. But it is important to talk about it.

With the article out, and Alex highly disturbed by the piece, and Mitch calling Fred to say he’s taking him down with him, I feel like this is a turning point for the show. I think it will be absolutely downhill from here – for a lot of people, but it will make for some great television.

I am curious to see though, what Alex will do now. And just how much of the world will turn on her.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

A new episode of The Morning Show will be available to stream next Friday on Apple TV.

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