‘Nancy Drew’ 1×07 Review: “The Tale Of The Fallen Sea Queen”

Hello Nancy Drew fans! This show is really starting to gel, the characters are feeling more complete as the suspects continue to mount up. Speaking of  great characters, one of my favorites from the Scooby Gang finds themselves in mortal peril this week, in a shocking ending I was not expecting. The writers have turned everything and everyone on their head this week, and have really outdone themselves. Read on for my review of this weeks Nancy Drew and “The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen.”

Those Damn Gold Coins

I have watched supernatural-ish shows for a long time, and I’ve never heard of spirits being attracted to gold. Maybe my brain is too fixated with the fact that they were gold coins, but I mean, every other word out of anyone’s mouth last night was: those gold coins are bad, or those gold coins attract dangerous spirits, or my personal favorite, we will all die if we touch the gold coins. So by the time Nancy opened the box containing the gold coins; I shuddered, much like Bess, because I didn’t know what would happen. I thought a Grudge like hand might pop out to choke Nancy, or a dead little girl talking about 7 days would burn a mysterious sign onto her hands. Ha!

However, what we all learned, was that those coins are haunted by more than just the people who died on the ship Ryan’s parent sank; those gold coins are haunted by some truly evil spirits, maybe pirates? Jury is still out, because all we got to see were bodies without any real form, and demonic-like hands grabbing Nancy’s wrist. This should be interesting and raises the question, did Ryan’s parents know the ship was carrying possessed cargo, and so they sank it to be rid of it? Or are they just greedy murderers? My money is on the latter.

Dead Lucy and Tiffany’s Murderer are NOT the Same Person

I know, I was shocked too. This entire time I thought whoever killed Tiffany, killed Lucy too, but NOPE! Dead Lucy tells Nancy the killers are not the same person, damn! I’m lost again, because it makes sense for them to be the same person, and for that to be why both Tiffany and Lucy seem drawn to Nancy. What other explanation is there?

The writers have now thrown like a 10th suspect and given us Dead Lucy’s rival, whose name really doesn’t matter, because we all know she didn’t kill Lucy, it was Ryan’s mom and dad, possibly Nancy’s mom. There is a reason why Nancy keeps having flashbacks to her mom burying Dead Lucy’s dress in their back yard.

Evil Spirits Love to Haunt Toys! A.K.A. Am I The Only One Who Remembers Annabelle?

I have watched so many scary movies and television shows over the course of my life, and one thing remains crystal clear. You don’t hold a séance when you don’t have a clue what the hell you’re doing! Idiots! Case in point, Nancy and her friends try to get to the bottom of Lucy and Tiffany’s murder, by contacting Lucy during the full moon. Lucy wants to communicate with the Scooby Gang so badly, however Nancy ends up making contact with about 10 evil ghosts instead This was the first time I’ve seen Ned looking scared and out of his element, and he was all of us in that moment. Even my girl Bess, who is studying witchcraft via Georgia’s mom, couldn’t hide her fear.

I thought Nancy was going to end up possessed, because one of the ghosts walked right through her screaming, and it was hella pissed! Side note, now Georgia’s sisters’ toy is haunted by one of the evil ghosts, thanks to Nancy using it during the séance.  Rookie mistake Nancy!  We all want to know who killed Lucy and Tiffany, but not at the expense of unleashing the Hellmouth. Phone up Buffy! Actually, three-way Willow, they both know all to well about walking on the dark side.

Murder She Wrote

Told you I was right about Nancy’s dad. I mean honestly it has not been definitively proven yet, but lets face the facts shall we? Nancy stopped all the bullshitting and straight up asked him last night. All he did was stare. We know her dad is a liar and extremely secretive about what he does for his clients. I think Nancy’s right to suspect him, but he could be a red herring and Nancy’s mom could be the real murderer.

Ace might be dead guys. I mean its not likely, but he was in a car crash and there were two bodies laying in the road. His and Tiffany’s sister, Laura. Bess is gonna be so distraught, as is Georgia, and hell, I’m gonna be upset if they kill off a main character this early in the game. I was just starting to vibe with him, and I liked him and Bess as BFF’s, they are precious Care Bears. Don’t kill Ace, CW writers! Kill Ryan Hudson instead, he’s a worthless asshole and a pedophile.

Nancy Drew airs 9/8c on the CW network.

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