‘Frozen 2’ Review: Yes, It’s Better Than the First One

The world wide phenomenon of Frozen is back with a second installment that is better than the first one. The movie starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel takes you on a journey of self discovery while teaching young viewers valuable lessons about life. Every character was given time to shine and the events of the first Frozen shape our characters but do not define them. Growth, change, and having each other’s back is at the heart of this soon to be Disney classic.

Overall Impression of Frozen 2


Overall I think Frozen 2 was better than the first one. #SorryNotSorry & #ISaidWhatISaid. Why? Because of the topics it hit. We had mourning of your loved one and getting back up when you feel down. We had miscommunication, sibling separation, sacrifice, and fixing the errors of the past. We even had understanding and just being at each others side when nothing else works. Lesson after lesson was learned in Frozen 2. Combine that with the outstanding visuals and amazing songs, and you’ve got a recipe for greatness!

Now that that’s over, let’s dive into Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf’s journeys in Frozen 2, including a look at why we loved the ENTIRE soundtrack from start to finish.

Elsa Finding Her Place


In many ways, I think Elsa thought she’d figured everything out after the first Frozen. She knew what her powers were and how to control them. She had reconnected with her sister and proved herself to the people of Arendelle. What else could there be after that? Well, in Frozen 2 there is plenty! Because no matter what you think or what point you are in your journey, life will throw curve balls at you and continue to do so for the rest of your life. 

This message, the one of never ending change being part of your life, felt like an important lesson for children to learn. Because there is never a point where you plateau in life. We are continuously changing, growing, and transforming into new versions of ourselves. And that is more than ok. It’s normal. Watching Elsa take on the challenges in her life, with her family by her side and by her own power, felt like learning that lesson over and over. And I’m grateful. 

On a more light hearted note, I thought the first Frozen movie gave me the Elsa glow-up to end all glow-ups. Oh how wrong I was. Frozen 2 gave me the Elsa glow-up of the century where she further proved how fabulous she looks and how she has a future as a seamstress if things don’t work out in the enchanted forest. And yes, it might be silly at first to point something like this out but it also shows how powerful and diverse Elsa’s powers are. This woman can do more than start a never ending winter or blades for your shoes to go skating on.

And another thing, I’m proud of Elsa for leaving Arendelle. She has always felt so lost and being in the Enchanted Forest felt like coming home. Am I happy that Elsa and Anna are seperated? No. But that’s ok. That happens in real life. We move out, we grow up, and we still end up loving each other to the moon and back. Plus they send each other messages through Gale and Elsa is but a water horse ride away. They’ll be ok just as we’re going to be ok.

Anna Confronting Hard Truths


For the longest time Anna has defined herself by her relationship to her sister. It was the guiding force behind everything that she did in the first Frozen and what guided her in Frozen 2. And I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it per say. Family acts as a grounding touch stone to many and Elsa was Anna’s touchstone. Keeping that in mind, Anna has never had to face the unknown without her sister, even when they were separated by a door. 

Frozen 2 saw Anna facing a world without Elsa. At first it was just contemplation. It threw her into this adventure with Elsa because she didn’t want to let her sister take on the Enchanted Forest all on her lonesome. Then it became more real, this reality that she might have to face the world on her own when she thought Elsa was dead for good.

There we saw an Anna like we’ve never seen before, one who felt broken and like the darkness could just swallow her up because she wasn’t moving from this spot. But then, something miraculous happened; Anna got up for herself. She took the smallest step, even though she didn’t know where it would lead her, because she is strong AF and the kind of woman who doesn’t give up love, even when that love is gone.

I’m proud of Anna and everything that she did in Frozen 2. She found out the kind of person she is and how far she’s willing to go to fix the errors of the paste. She stood her ground and made change where many thought it was impossible to do so. And she proved that she deserved and would take care of that crown and kingdom to the best of her ability and more.

Kristoff Was Hot AF


I’ve always been an Aladdin girl. There was something about him that was so suave and hot that teenage me was like, “Yup. This is Disney’s hunk alongside Tarzan.” I must forget both of these Disney hunks for the most hunkiest hunk to ever hunk on Disney: Kristoff. Why, you ask? It’s simple. When Anna needed him, when her world was falling down around her, he told her that he was there and what did she need.

See? Hot. Burning fires hot. And I don’t regret calling it that.

Too often male leads are self involved and throw themselves into saving the princess without asking if the princess needs help at all. Kristoff came to her rescue from the giants, not because he’s some gallant prince, but because he is her partner. And once they started booking it out of there he let Anna take the lead and asked her what she needed. This respect, this acknowledgement, it’s beautiful and hot AF.

It made me appreciate Kristoff’s character in a way I’ve only done with Eugene over on the Tangled TV series. Which, if you haven’t watched, do it. It’s the best and Eugene is Rapunzel’s partner in all this. Kristoff’s understanding nature also made me appreciate his song and continuous efforts to ask Anna to marry him. All he wants to do is make her happy and be by her side and you see it in his actions. 

Kristoff and what he teaches kids about being in a relationship really matters and sets the stage for great conversations on what love entails and what it’s like to be in love with someone in the first place. Because this bond between Anna and Kristoff, that’s love. This is what kids should learn about love. And I’m really excited to see what others think about Kristoff’s actions as a man in love with the Queen of Arendelle! So let me know in the comments below!

Olaf Was the Actual Best


I spent most of my time watching Frozen 2 either laughing or crying. Sometimes, and on the rare occasion, Olaf made me laugh so hard that a tear or two escaped. And most of the laughing was because of Olaf in general, even when he got serious about life and what not. Which, who would’ve thought that someone like him would give the best advice and have some of the best songs about growing up.

The moment where he died….*deep breath in*…it hurt more than expected. I connected with Olaf in the first Frozen but there was something so touching and real about Olaf in Frozen 2 that I got attached. When his magic started fading I was devastated. For one, if Elsa dies, so does he because they are linked by her power. Never really thought about that and the thought hurtsssss. And two, he was really growing as an individual and I felt robbed when he “died.”

Luckily for us, Olaf is fine and he’s going to go on and do more retelling about his adventures with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff. Which, those retellings were the actual best! Reminded me of Luis from Ant-Man. Both master storytellers who captivate their audiences and leave them wanting more of their heart stopping tales of woah. Petition to have Olaf explain everything on Disney needs to happen ASAP.

Every Song Was a Bop


Since I loved every bit of this album, I’m going to list the songs from the movie and give you my two cents or two sentences about why they were bops!

  1. All is Found by Evan Rachel Wood: HOW ARE YOU GIVE ME MOTHER/FEELS!? Also, knowing where their mom is from gives a lot of perspective to this song and why she sang it to her children.
  2. Somethings Never Change by Josh Gad, Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff: This was a really sweet song about change and how it even happens to everyone. But that’s ok because somethings never change when you’re surrounded by those that you love.
  3. Into the Unknown by Idina Menzel feat AURORA – This song in particular tore at me because Elsa was trying to pretend so hard like she was content in the walls of her home. It was as if she was afraid of the unknown while craving it.
  4. When I Am Older by Josh Gad: This ended up being a really sweet and funny song about growing up and how it can even happen to a magic snowman like Olaf. Even though…I don’t feel like I know the answers now that I’m older. :p
  5. Reindeer(s) Are Better That People (Cont.) by Jonathan Groff: The beginning of another great conversation between Kristoff and Sven.
  7. Show Yourself by Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood – It felt like Elsa finally finding what she was looking for her entire life and not being scared to go after it anymore. Extra kudos at having her duet with her dead mom like that’s ok. *sob*
  8. The Next Right Thing by Kristen Bell – Thank you Kristen Bell for making me ugly cry while knowing that getting up counts so much when you’re down and don’t know what to do in your grief. If taking one step is all you can do right now, then do it.

Elsa and Anna’s Parents


For the longest time I’ve been pissed at Elsa and Anna’s parents. They set their daughter on a path of fear and hatred towards herself because she had powers. And then they isolated their other daughter and made her feel abandoned by her sisters. Really not the best of parents and I’ve spent years thinking that they were useless when it came to controlling Elsa’s powers or how she should deal with them. Hell, I was even mad at them for leaving.

Now I understand why it all happened the way it did. 

Elsa and Anna’s parents were on the search for answers. They needed to figure out how to help their daughter since they couldn’t get any information anywhere else. So instead of wasting time or man power, they went themselves to find the answers needed for their loved one. Unfortunately the sea they were crossing was too tumultuous and they perished in each other’s arms. *insert feels here at the water memory of them holding each other before they died*

Oh and that twist of Elsa and Anna’s mom being from the Enchanted Forest, I did NOT see that coming. I just thought their mother was like any other King and Queen; both coming from royalty. Boy, was I wrong. Their mother was a kind young lady who saved the future king, cementing her future as a friend and companion to said future royalty. That’s why she sang that song to Elsa and Anna. She knew a day would come where the forest called out for Elsa. And she was preparing them the best way she knew.

Oh a mother’s love! 

Did you love Frozen 2 as much as I did? Disagree with anything said here? Let us know in the comments below!

Frozen 2 is now playing in theaters.

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