‘Evil’ 1×08 Review: “2 Fathers“

Well! That was probably my favorite Evil episode to date!

This week’s episode of Evil, entitled “2 Fathers” is mostly centered around why David’s father has been using a demonic symbol an in his paintings. But in that context, it delivered probably the best scenes of the eight episodes so far. Ben talking to himself to pull it together to get laid? Kristen and David dancing? Giving birth to a ghoul! YAY!

First things first, I would like to give a major shout out to the Monsignor. He’s always been so calm and collected and it was actually a lot of fun to see him have some emotion when he realized David would have to go see his dad. It was like a parent telling their teenage child that they could go to the movies if they took their younger sibling with them.

But I mean, David and Kristen are the furthest things from siblings, aren’t they? Their attraction has been noted and commented on- in almost every episode. But this week, there was a way that Herber’s and Colter looked at each other while they danced that was absolutely magnetic. Sure, they were high out of their mind (Did Kristen see one of Leon’s wives give birth to a ghoul or was she just hallucinating from the Sangria?), but over the past few episodes, we’ve seen Kristen and David’s relationship become more than whatever initial attraction they felt for each other.

They’ve started to banter, and just seem a lot more comfortable with each other. So yeah- even if they were high while dancing, it was still very interesting to see Kristen sleeping with her head on David’s shoulder, and for some reason… wearing his hoodie.

She had a jacket already. Just saying.

Now. What would you think if you came home after three months, and saw your wife wearing another man’s hoodie after your four daughters told you about a man named Ben who helped “mom fix a lot of things”?

Yeah, same.

But at least we get to meet Andy! Finally! I was absolutely convinced he was dead. My whole theory was that his death would be the one thing that brought Kristen into “believing.” But nope! He’s here, and he definitely doesn’t get along with Sheryl – who, seriously, was having sex with Leland in Kristen’s office? Just why.

He seems to be a good guy, to be honest. I didn’t really want to like him- and he didn’t even interact with Kristen this episode, so maybe I won’t. It’s hard to root for him in any context anyways, because of the slow build-up we’ve seen with Kristen and David, but either way, I think the writers did a great job at showing us that Andy is a pretty good dad.

Speaking of dads… the man of the hour. David’s dad. Leon Acosta.

David went there looking to see why his dad was drawing a demonic sigil on his paintings. And to be honest, I’m not sure we got an answer. They talked about pain and slavery, and decided that the symbol means something different to each of them; so does that… suggest that perhaps not all demons are evil? Or that some of the 60 sigils are not demonic by nature? I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

You know what else we’ll have to wait and see?

If Ben went back in there after the pep talk David gave him and slept with Vanessa- even though she has some very unorthodox beliefs. I laughed out loud as Ben looked at how hot Vanessa is, and decided that he could just lie to her, and say he was cool with the fact that she believes her sister is grafted to her. Nbd.

But one thing is for certain. David was right.

Whether its demonic sigils, giving birth to a ghoul baby, dancing with a dead ancestor, or believing your dead sister still has a say in who you date:

The world is weird.

What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

Evil airs Thursdays at at 9/10c on CBS.

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