Fangirlish Best of 2019 Lists: Scenes We Could Watch Over and Over Again

This year has been great for TV and Movies. As it was said at the Emmy’s earlier this year, “Television has never been bigger”- and to be honest, a lot of the scenes we want to watch over and over again, are mostly from TV shows, and not movies. Take a look at the list of the top 15 scenes from this year that we may – or may not – have made a youtube autoplay list for.

Starting with …

Jamie knighting Brienne – Game of Thrones

While there is a lot of controversies and straight-up hatred for the eighth season, this scene was such a treat to watch. After so many seasons of build and “will they won’t they”- we got our answer; but not before answering the question that Jamie definitely has the utmost respect for Brienne, and has changed (for the better) as a man.

“Avengers!…… Assemble” – Avengers: Endgame

They teased us in Captain America: Civil War– and they teased us on Late Night Talk Shows! But this scene gives me chills every single time I watch it. The small pause in between, the music in the background, the cinematography of every Avenger coming into battle?

Just Perfect.

“And I got to his office, fully prepared to suck his dick” – Andy King’s dedication to water, and Fyre Festival

The story around Fyre Festival was shocking and almost unbelievable on its own. But watching Fyre, and actually seeing interviews and video footage of everything left a lot of us very uneasy and uncomfortable. The one scene with an interview with Andy King really put the whole situation into perspective. Things were dire. And they were willing to do almost anything to fix it.

Otis’ memorial – Chicago Fire

I have watched this scene many times, and it’s mostly whenever I remember Brian. The Fire team has always been a family, we’ve felt their camaraderie even when their counterparts faltered, and losing one of the OG’s was so hard this year. This scene reminds us that Otis is gone, but absolutely never forgotten.

Smurf’s death – Animal Kingdom

We have watched the Cody’s ups and downs, and even when they hated each other- we knew they had each other’s back. It’s been very fun to see Jay go from “inconvenient nephew” to leader- we just didn’t think it would be like this. Watching the matron of the show, and of the Cody’s was jaw-dropping and left us a little… empty. But it will be very interesting to see how they deal with it all next season!


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