Fangirlish Best of 2019 Lists: Scenes We Could Watch Over and Over Again

“I’m proud of you Murphy” – The 100

The 100 has been underrated for quite some time now. No matter how many times people tell the world that it’s great, some people just cannot get over the fact that it’s on the CW. Either way, the writers of the show have done a phenomenal job at just getting small details in – details that made us bawl our eyes out. Like this. Seeing John’s redemption arc, and his relationship – and loyalty to Clarke was such a long-awaited moment.

The Joker smile– The Joker

Some may argue that the Joker dance on the stairs was much more “watch worthy.” But this scene gave me chills. This movie was Arthur’s descent into becoming the Joker, and at the end, as he painted on that smile in blood, we knew he had gotten there.

90 seconds – Chernobyl

This whole show could be on this list, really, but this scene was something else. It set the tone, and while the title blaringly reminds us the show will be dire, watching the liquidators remove radioactive graphite from the reactor roof was hard to watch. With not being allowed in the area for more than 90 seconds, you can’t help but feel how useless and futile their efforts were.

Luke looking for Hannah –  The Handmaid’s Tale

This year was the year of the revolution on Handmaid’s Tale- and while there were many scenes (Serena being arrested for one or the Martha’s getting muffins for another), the one scene that I feel like really stuck out, is watching Luke looking for Hannah as the children of Gilead get off the plan in Canada. The desperation in his eyes is everything- and you can’t help but feel heartbreak when he realizes, that once again, he won’t see his wife or daughter for a while longer.

“Hacksaw” – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Zac Efron, I think, has a lot of acting potential. And this movie was just a small stepping stone to a bigger career we’ll see of him. Watching him interact with Lily Collins as his wife, as he gives her the final piece of the puzzle in the final moments of his life- was shocking in the best way.


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