Lifestyle Lift: 5 Ways the Grinch is My Spirit Animal 

As the spirit of Christmas slowly approaches, I can feel my mood growing more annoyed and that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things I share with Mr. Grinch!

As kids, we might look at him as a green misunderstood monster that hates Christmas, but as an adult, all I can think about is, “Poor guy! All he wanted was for his neighbors to leave him alone and to turn down their damn Christmas music.”

So here are 5 ways the Grinch is my spirit animal:

1. We Are Both Introverts

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The Grinch is happiest when he’s in his element. He loves staying at home not having to deal with people in general. I am basically the same. If you move to the top of the mountain where there’s no other house around you, you expect people to understand that you did so so that nobody would come up to your door just to ring the bell.

It’s just like when I’m out in public and I’m blasting my music on my headphones with a big sign on my forehead that says don’t talk to me and then somebody approaches me and starts talking to me. I hate it!

2. We Both Despise Christmas Music

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Every time the Christmas season arrives I roll my eyes at the music. I wouldn’t mind it that much if it wasn’t playing everywhere, since November, and in every convenience store, supermarket, pharmacy, etc.

All the Grinch wanted was for people to turn down the damn music! What’s so bad about that request? I guess that’s why I empathize with him.

3. Our Best Friend is Our Dog

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I talk to my dog like she’s my best friend. Do you know who also does that? You guessed it! The Grinch!  Max is the Grinch’s sidekick and so is my dog.

4. Our Neighbors Are Annoying

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As you can probably tell I’m not a people kind of person. I mean you have to be a certain type of personality to want to write about the Grinch as your spirit animal.

I find my neighbors as annoying as the grinch finds his!

5. We Both Disagree with Consumerism

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I think the best reason why the Grinch doesn’t like Christmas is that the whole spirit of family and community is lost in this sea of consumerism and materialism. I have to agree a hundred percent with that perspective on the holiday.

Christmas is so annoying because it’s empty at its core, but just like in the movie the meaning of it can change and in my grumpiness, I really wish for people to realize that they can make this holiday a meaningful thing.

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