The Morning Show Review 1×08 – “Lonely at the top”

“This is how it happens.”

This week on The Morning Show, we get to see just how we’re supposed to feel about Mitch Kessler. I knew it’d be an interesting episode – entitled “Lonely at the top” as soon we got the recap showing us Mitch talking to the disgraced director.

“Well, you’re actually a predator.”

“And what are you? Hmm, Mitch?”
“… Not you.”

At that moment, I think I believed there was more to his story than we saw. We saw Chip show up at his door saying the #MeToo movement was an overcompensation of suppression against women; so I thought, okay, perhaps there’s something to learn. But no.

Mitch is exactly that. A fucking predator- and gosh, watching this episode play out, disgusted me beyond belief. The way he compliments Hannah on her job and uses her humanity and emotions against her during the backdrop of a mass shooting is despicable. He’s a creep.

Since The Morning Show started, I have had mixed feelings about it. Aside from my love The Newsroom, I was very confused about how the story would progress, and exactly what the plotline would actually be beyond the #MeToo scandal. After watching this week’s episode, I’m wondering if the point of the show is education.

We get to see just how many people turned a blind eye on everything Mitch did. From network executives (who also bought him a Ducati for his birthday), all the way to Alex. Everyone was aware. And – let me be clear- that is absolutely not okay.

“I know… in theory!” she exclaimed in Mitch’s car a few episodes back. But no. Calling Mia his “leftovers” and saying she was Mitch’s trash – insinuates that she knew exactly what Mitch was doing.

And what’s more twisted is Mitch thinks that he did Hannah… a favor.

Yes. Read that again.

After assaulting her- because that’s what it seemed like, Hannah was promoted to head booker to keep her mouth shut. Her fear and tears were so real to Fred, and even in the hotel room- that no one, absolutely no one could have confused that look and those cues as normal or “having a good time”; and what broke my heart a bit is just how fast he strung the promotion above her head.
He had done this before. There was no other way to read it.

But now, Mitch thinks that Hannah owes him a favor because he got her promoted, and he wants to cash in so that she will corroborate his story so that Bradley will interview him on the show.

That’s so twisted, I had to pause the episode when I understood this was his thought process. Insert completely flabbergasted facepalm.

The show ends with the Harvey Weinstein scandal breaking, and all Mitch musters up is a “What a creep”, while he looks much too passive and moves along. In the end, that’s all we can say about him too.

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