‘Evil’ 1×11 Review: “Room 320”

The Winter premiere of Evil, entitled “Room 320” picks up just a little bit after the winter finale. David is out of surgery, and in a hospital, after he was attacked and stabbed by a random stranger.

The episode was definitely a bit of a mind trip, and while I had a lot of fun with it, I’m not 100% sure how the events of the episode will fit into the rest of the story arc. Mind you, I’ve been saying that about Evil since the beginning and for the most part, it has delivered.

We see David become the victim of Nurse Plague, Linda as she liked to be called – who drugs him up, and sort of holds him hostage in the hospital. She takes his phone and doesn’t really listen to anything he says.

David is tipped off about Nurse Plague by his roommate, Harlem. And sure, in the beginning, it seems like maybe Harlem is a bit crazy or that it’s just paranoia. But over time, David’s requests are denied, and a weird sort of torture ensues.

What really plays with our mind is that we can never really be sure when David is hallucinating and when he’s not.

He sees Harlem’s legs amputated in one scene, and then very much there in another.

“Not everything real is true, and not every dream is false.”

He gets some help from hallucinations though, which is always fun; telling him not to forget the Bible verse “Matthew 13:25.”

I’m sure that will come up later.

So while David is truly battling his way out of the hospital, Kristen and Ben take it upon themselves to figure out what the heck happened. Who attacked David? And in order to do that, they have to talk to Judy. She was the Kristen of the team before Kristen came along, and I’m not sure if the actors know something we don’t, but Kristen definitely looked a bit taken aback and jealous at that description.

Not impressed.

Also, what does her husband say to her rushing to her coworkers’ side in the middle of the night?

Anyways, they meet Judy and solve the case. A guy, from a 6-month-old case is the one who attacked David.

It’s all wrapped up fairly quickly, which makes think that perhaps Ghana had nothing to do with the season plot. He could have just been a plot device to show us how far Lelands’s grasp extends.

I would like to know if Nurse Plague is also one of Leland’s lackeys. Or if she herself, is one of the 60. Because whether or not we can figure out what was real and fake in the episode, it’s made very clear to us that this nurse was definitely over-medicating, and also killing patients.

Yeah, I know!

I’m very skeptical about ever going to a hospital again.

What did you think of the winter premiere of Evil? Let us know in the comments below.

Evil airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.


  1. I hated it. Total confusion, every scene contradicted the other. If they were trying to show David was drugged up, why did they have to make the entire episode just one big acid trip. The tiny sliver of story they did manage to include was basically 3 min of the 60 min. The other 57 min was utter insanity! It made NO SENSE! It was a complete waste of time.

    1. Author

      Hey Bev! I agree that they could have added more story that would have moved the plot forward, and the episode was a self contained one. But I didn’t hate it. The episode itself was creative and i feel like there was a lot of subtext that happened during his “mind trip.” Some things from this episode, I have to believe will come back to help us during the rest of the season

  2. Didn’t get the ending at all. Who was the crazy guy who was playing the evil girl in the VR gear? And couldn’t see what they were looking at in the locker in the end that seemed to shock them. Just something hanging there that I couldn’t make out. Then the imaginary/reality was completely rediculous in this episode. It didn’t fit into the nurse killing people or was it demons or what was and wasn’t real.

    I have liked most of the episodes of Evil so far but this was by far the worst. It didn’t make any sense and the writing was so bad it seemed to have tons of holes in the story. I’m hoping this show doesn’t become like another version of Lost that keeps opening up new mysteries without solving the ones at hand. I don’t mind a theme carried over through a few episodes but I don’t want each episode to be continued to another as they seem to want to do lately. I want an episode to at least solve the stories they create each episode. I don’t want season or show long mysteries that just lead to more mysteries.

    I consider this episode a complete fail and will stop watching this show if it continues creating completely outlandish plots that have no base in reality and aren’t completed within one or two episodes.

    1. Author

      heyy! so yeah, it seems like Evil has a “case of the week” for sure, where they wrap up the storyline within 1-2 episodes. Any cases that the church gives them, is usually this. But there also seems to be a story arch happening throughout the season, and I think this week’s episode had more to do with a seasonal story, then the case of the week (which was just Nurse Plague). Nothing is fitting together yet, but I thought the same thing for the first couple of episodes too, and they did well in connecting all the dots- so I have faith!

  3. total waste of time ; hated the monotomy of this episode. this sort of boring directionless plot will kill the show.

    1. Author

      I think it was a bit of a filler. But I don’t think it was directionless. Enough clues were laid down to call back to in future episodes !

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