‘New Amsterdam’ Renewed For Three More Seasons

DamFam, today is a great day! NBC ordered the series renewal for three more years extending its air date to 2022-23! This is excellent and comes right before the show is set to return on Tuesday, January 14th. 


What does this news mean for us? First and foremost, the chances for Sharpwin go up drastically! We know, you were wondering how long before we mentioned our ship. How can we ignore the undeniable chemistry between Freema Agyeman and Ryan Eggold, though? We will go down with our ship! 


Eggold and Agyeman aren’t the only cast members we’re excited to see more of, though. What’s next for Ty Labine (Iggy Frome)? Will he get to help more kids like Jemma, over a long period of time? Will this drag out his relationship drama? For Anupam Kher (Vijay Kapoor), things are on a good note, but will that change? Will his son return to help with his baby and screw things up again? 


Jocko Sims (Floyd Reynolds) got a huge bomb dropped on him by his fiance, where do they go next? Will we lose one of our favorites or will their relationship end? Speaking of Reynolds, will Janet Montgomery (Lauren Bloom) start a relationship with her physical therapist or (fingers crossed) start something with Floyd?


This huge renewal news also means that New Amsterdam can plan longer storylines with more confidence. Maybe that means patients with more than one episode arc or it could indicate any number of possibilities. We already have a wishlist for the rest of season two but, now, it’s time to think bigger. What do we want to see over the course of three more years?

What do you want to see for the future of the show? Which characters do you want to see grow over the next three and a half years? Sound off in the comments in between happy dances!

New Amsterdam returns Tuesday, January 14th, on NBC.

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