Schitt’s Creek 6×02 Review: ‘The Incident’

If you feel like tinkling with excitement over David and Patrick’s pending nuptials on Schitt’s Creek – it turns out you’re not alone. And while David’s anticipation led to soggy sheets this week, the embarrassing situation shed a light on the new world of domesticity the couple is entering.

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek was called “The Incident,” but the focus was on what this show does best – the heartwarming relationships between characters we love.

Old Married Couple

Since this is the last season of Schitt’s Creek, we won’t get to see David and Patrick in wedded bliss for years to come (passes out tissues), but we did get a glimpse of them being SO MARRIED before they even walk down the aisle. David even asked if they could file for pre-marriage divorce due to his embarrassment about the pee situation.

Patrick is so sweet and accepting of David’s little accident, but he is also wise in protecting his mattress! The scene at the end where he showed his own flaws – the mouth-guard and the nose thingy – perfectly captured what the first year of marriage is about. It’s weird to let someone in your life and show them all your flaws, and to trust that they will still love you when they see you at your most embarrassing.

The scene at the end where he showed his own flaws – the mouth-guard and the nose thingy – perfectly captured what the first year of marriage is about. #SchittsCreek

David and Patrick are getting some out of the way before their wedding, and these two get so much sweeter each week. Let’s face it, we are all going to be sobbing messes when the big day arrives.

Patrick is Part of the Family

One relationship dynamic we need more of is Patrick, Alexis and Moira. The scene where they tell him about the conversation regarding David’s incident being on live stream was delightful. He is now part of this crazy, delightful family. And while they frustrate him (as evidenced by his continual reminders to Alexis to take the video down), Patrick looks so darned fond of them.

Hopefully as the season continues, we will see more bonding between Patrick and the Rose families. We deserve a Johnny and Patrick awkward attempt to connect as future father and son in law.

Planning for the Future

One of the best relationships on Schitt’s Creek is the father/adopted daughter bond between Johnny and Stevie. You can practically feel Stevie’s angst throughout the whole episode when her mentor is talking about purchasing the new hotel and she has no idea what she wants to do with her life.

One of the best relationships on #SchittsCreek is the father/adopted daughter bond between Johnny and Stevie.

Her nervousness to tell him was heartbreaking, and while he seemed supportive, I’m sure we will see Johnny react to his disappointment about this in his typical passive aggressive ways in upcoming weeks. What would Stevie leaving mean for the Rosebud? Will Johnny become the sole owner, or just manage it in her absence.

It would be lovely to see the two characters have juxtaposed conclusions to their stories at the end of the season – with Stevie finally going out and making a life outside of Schitt’s Creek, and Johnny to stop his expansion plans and realize that he has all he needs in his community to be content.

Regardless, there will probably be more heartfelt scenes between these two in upcoming episodes, with a proud papa launching Stevie out into the world.

Moira Rose Goes Viral

Now that Moira’s movie is back on track, we get to see her interact with her biggest fan – herself. Alexis trying to ease her into the whole social media thing was hilarious. Though Moira was against social media in the first place, it was only a matter of time before she discovered that it was another way for her to gain attention. She’s now in it for the likes and retweets, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And we NEED to see that Ashley Tisdale and Moira Rose pilot about suffragettes. Maybe this could be a potential spinoff when the show is over?

Burning questions about this whole social media thing include, such as what will happen if Moira engages a troll? Will she discover her Tumblr fandom? How longwinded would her replies be for a Reddit AMA?

This story-line also did give us something we’ve been longing for – a glimpse of some of the other people in the town. It was only a few minutes, but it was nice to see our favorite singing gals of Schitt’s Creek. We need more Twyla, Jocelyn and Ronnie in our lives – stat.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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