5 Bold Predictions For ‘You’ Season 3

Last year, season 2 of ‘You’ was released and it was quite a doozy. Recently it was announced that the series based on Caroline Kepnes books was renewed for a third season. Although the third season of ‘You’ is not set to release on Netflix till next year, we have some theories.

Season two of ‘You’ left us with some pretty shocking events and since then, we have been trying to figure out where the new season will lead us.

Be forewarned, there are major spoilers ahead. Here are some of our theories about season 3 of ‘You.’

Joe Is Not The Father Of Love’s Baby

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Yup, that’s right folks, Joe (Penn Badgley) is going to be a daddy.  Or is he? After Love (Victoria Pedretti) found out that Joe lied about who he was, they went their separate ways.  During their separation, they both went on their fair share of dates with other people.  Love began seeing Milo, an Aussie hottie and they did sleep together.  Love claims she and Milo used protection when they slept together but we learned that she’s a master manipulator, so she could very well be playing him.  After all, she did blurt out “I’m pregnant” right before he was about to kill her.

Ellie Is Planning To Expose Joe

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All through season 2, Joe was looking after Ellie (Jenna Ortega).  He seems to have a soft spot for helping kids that appear to be in need.  That probably goes back to his childhood and how abandoned he felt.  He and Ellie had a really good relationship until he started hooking up with her older sister Delilah (Carmela Zumbado).  

Joe and Delilah were starting to get closer but before their relationship could progress, she found his makeshift prison inside of the storage unit he had.  Joe caught her just as she was about to expose him so he locked her up inside the storage unit.  Because Joe really cared for Ellie, he promised Delilah he would release her once he got his plans together to skip town for good. 

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It sounded like a good plan but as most things go for Joe, that plan quickly spiraled into a shit storm of epic proportions when Love killed her.  That’s right, Love killed Delilah.  Not Joe.  I’d like to point out I am still pissed about that. 

Ellie knows something bad happened to Delilah, but she doesn’t know the details.  Joe basically told her Delilah was not coming back and then he told her to leave town.  Ellie did leave town, but is keeping in touch with Joe and it appears he sends her money.  I don’t know about you all but, if someone hurt my sister, I would be working to expose them and not just taking money to move on with my life.

I have a strong feeling Ellie is secretly trying to figure out what happened to Delilah and we have not seen the last of her.

Dr. Nicky Gets Released From Prison

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Love’s twin brother Forty (James Scully), goes to see Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) in prison and tells him he knows he had nothing to do with Beck’s death.  He also tells Dr. Nicky he believes Joe is the one who did it, and attempts to enlist his help to bring him down.  Dr. Nicky refuses to help him but warns him to stay away from Joe.

Forty confronts Joe at gunpoint and tells him he knows everything.  Officer Fincher, who has been following Joe to try and figure out what happened to Delilah, shows up during the confrontation and shoots Forty who ends up dying.  

I believe that some new evidence is going to come to light that reveals Dr. Nicky did not kill Beck and he will be released from prison.  Once he finds out Forty is dead, I think it will motivate him to bring Joe down, especially now that he knows Joe is running around living the life of a free man while he’s locked up for a murder he didn’t commit.  

Joe’s New Neighbor Is His Mom

Ellie asking where is Delilah?

At the end of the final episode, Joe and Beck are living in suburbia preparing for the birth of their child.  We can clearly see that Joe hasn’t learned shit because it ends with him creeping on the new neighbor as he watches her through his fence.  Now just who is Joe’s neighbor?.

One theory most fans including myself have, is that his new neighbor is his mom.  I mean who else could it be? she left town and we don’t know what happened to her so it could very well be her.  If it turns out that she is his new neighbor, then it would be quite a twist to learn she is actually the ‘You’ he’s been looking for since the beginning.  

The Real Will Bettelheim Returns

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The real Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor), whose identity Joe assumed when he got to Los Angeles, is one of the only people who was held captive and ultimately released by him.  Will supposedly took off to the Philippines to be with his fiance Gigi.  I just find myself thinking this is not the last we have seen of Will.

He and Joe have kept in touch since he left, but I just don’t trust Will.  He was held captive by Joe and he’s got some issues of his own.  Will knows quite a bit about Joe so he could easily decide to turn him in. 

There you have it folks, those are just a few of our theories about season 3 of ‘You.’

Do you have the same theories as us? What are yours? Tell us in the comments below!

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