‘Katy Keene’ Chapter Two Review: You Can’t Hurry Love

You can’t hurry love and you can’t forget valuable lessons, especially in Katy Keene. This week’s episode was full of lessons of loyalty and fighting for things that you want. It continues on the trend of the premiere episode of Katy fighting for herself. So, let’s jump into what we learned this week and the importance of these lessons.


Katy Keene hurry lesson
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Katy, you really need to tell Gloria to fuck off. It’s really not as hard as you claim it is. Sure, she was your boss once upon a time, but she shat all over your loyalty. You owe her nothing. I would have told her no I don’t work for you anymore, figure it out. Francois gave you a chance when you were fired. He gave you a job. That is where your loyalty needs to be.

Loyalty. It is a very valuable lesson. Don’t shit on those that give you a chance when you had nothing. Remember those that are there for you when no one else is. Don’t forget where you come from or the people who helped get you there.


Katy Keene Ginger Lopez
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Jorge and Ginger taught us all a very valuable lesson. Don’t take the easy way out and give up. You don’t always need a million reasons, or just one. Follow your heart. If you do what you believe in and what you know is right, then you will be at peace.

Also, as Francois said, yes and no aren’t the only answers. There is a middle ground to be found, you don’t always have to choose something over the other. Don’t over complicate things or jump in when you aren’t ready. I’m glad Katy was able to realize this before she said yes to KO’s proposal. Girl has a somewhat solid head on her shoulder. Katy Keene learned she can’t hurry love.


Katy Keene can't hurry love
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While Katy and Jorge are two of the main characters in Katy Keene, I want more time with Josie and Pepper. They are just as important and I want to know more about them. I want to know Josie outside of her murderous hometown of Riverdale, and Pepper is mysterious to me.

I hope in the next episode it is their turn to learn some lessons, and we can learn more about them. I want exposure. I want to crack the light on them. I just want more.

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