Elvis Presley’s Dad Cast in Upcoming Baz Luhrmann Pic

We’re excited for the upcoming  Baz Luhrmann movie, Elvis. Seeing Austin Butler as a young Elvis is going to be AMAZING.

But as we all know there is more than one person in a movie and also that people come from people. You know – parents and all that. Elvis’s parents were a big part of his life, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting who would be cast as his parents.

Rufus Sewell will portray the reserved, Vernon Presley.

Vernon Presley was intensely proud of his son. He was in charge of Elvis’s finances, traveled with him on tour, and after his death was the executor of his estate.

Vernon passed away in 1979 of cardiac arrest, though some will say that he passed away of a broken heart. He missed his son.

Luhrmann wrote the script for Elvis with Craig Pearce and Sam Bromell. 

The movie revolves around the veteran manager, Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis, who went from dirt-poor origins to become an icon.

Sewell was most recently seen in Judy, starring Renee Zellweger.

What are your expectations for the Elvis biopic? Are you looking forward to it?

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