Three WEBTOONs You Should Be Reading

There is so much artistic talent out in the world. Webcomics have been a thing for probably as long as the internet has been around. WEBTOON is a website and app that works with creators to showcase their stories and artwork and it can be overwhelming to find ones to follow. They feature many genres, like drama, comedy, romance, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, you name it! The styles these artists employ are all different yet fit their respective stories perfectly.

Here are three WEBTOONs you should definitely check out:


Artwork by Katie Cook

I have been a fan of Katie Cook’s art for years as she has worked with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars in official capacities. But her best work, in my opinion, is “Nothing Special”, a fantasy tale that follows Callie and Declan on various adventures. So far, she has completed two chapters with a third hopefully starting in March.

Callie is always aware that there are two worlds, the normal one and the magical one, Draken, but she’s forbidden by her father from venturing into Draken. When her father goes missing, she breaks his rule to try to find him with her new friend, Declan. Along the way, they begin to learn some things about themselves and meet a demon named Lasser, who is obsessed with Callie.

What I love about “Nothing Special” is not only Cook’s style of art, which sometimes gets chibi-style, but her never-ending run of pop culture references as well as an engaging story. Also, the characters go through some tremendous growth, especially in the second chapter. I never expected to love Lasser as much as I do now. And there is also a sassy radish spirit! It’s funny, there is a relatable romance, and the world is just incredible. Always keep an eye on the backgrounds which are full of little Easter eggs that bring me joy.


Art by Rachel Smythe

This WEBTOON kind of snuck up on me and I’m still mad it took me so long to find it. However, don’t feel like you’ve missed out. We are nearing the 100th episode and anytime is a good time to jump into this wonderful story.

Rachel Smythe has created a retelling of “The Abduction of Persephone” from Greek mythology. But she has taken out some of the unsavory elements, like the incest, and really turned it into a glorious love story for Hades and Persephone and I cannot get enough. She has made the gods and goddesses feel human with real issues, like Hades goes to therapy! I will warn that there are some moments that trigger warnings involving rape and abuse, but she has taken such care in telling these parts of the story.

While Hades and Persephone are clearly the leads, they are not the only focus. We’re also seeing Eros and Psyche’s love story, Zeus being a douche, Hera being an absolute badass, Poseidon is the purest bro, and there are still a bunch of gods that have been mentioned, but we haven’t met yet! There are so many characters to love here because they feel like real people. Even a character like Minthe, you feel sympathy for despite her actions. It’s amazing.

The world she has made visually is full of vivid colors and the backgrounds are completely stunning. The backgrounds have a kind of watercolor feel to them. She also showcases all body types, especially our precious little cinnamon roll Persephone, who has cellulite and stretch marks. This comic has truly taken over my life and I pretty much count down every week until the new episode goes up on Saturday nights. When Hades and Persephone finally kiss, I might explode.


Art by Miranda Mundt

Because of “Lore Olympus”, I actively went through WEBTOON to find another comic that I might enjoy. That’s how I found “Muted”, which tells the story of Camille, a witch about to take part in a ceremony on her 21st birthday. But things go awry, and Camille is thrown into some new situations.

This is another comic that is currently on hiatus, but the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 1 was wild. It’s been a while since I read a good witch story, so this didn’t disappoint. And it’s LGBTQ! Camille is dealing with an awful lot, and her journey is relatable even without the magic. There is an underlying mystery involving what happened to Camille’s family, and some pretty crazy twists. I am here for any story that focuses on a “broken” girl trying to find her own power.

Artist Miranda Mundt has weaved together some beautiful artwork with heartwrenching storylines. I’m loving the different kinds of magic and how the families deal with one another. It’s also set in New Orleans, which is a place I’m dying to go.

Are you a fan of any of these WEBTOONs? Have any recommendations on others to check out? Let us know!

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