‘Love In Time’ Comic Series With Ki Hong Lee Premieres

One of our favorite fandoms will always be The Maze Runner. The cast of that show is forever in our hearts and we’ll follow anything that they do.

Ki Hong Lee especially.

The actor has co-created/co-written a comic series entitled, Love In Time. Ki Hong Lee (star of The Maze Runner film series and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Chris Dinh (Single By 30, Crush The Skull), and James Chen (Wendy’s LookBook, Studio71) have joined with Tapas Media for the series.

We’ve had so much fun working on this series, and building out multi-layered time travel stories and character arcs that come together. We can’t wait to hear what the fans think.” Less said.

The series will span two seasons and have 50 episodes. The episodes will be released weekly. Five episodes are available now. (READ THEM HERE).

“Tapas have been wonderful collaborators and continuously supported Ki Hong, Chris and my creative vision from beginning to end. The team has really provided us with the tools and platform to elevate our series both artistically and narratively,” co-creator James Chen said.

What is Love In Time about?

Locke, a time traveling scientist from the future, travels to the 1800’s in search of the origins of a virus that threatens to wipe out the human race in his time. A malfunction leaves Locke trapped in the 1800’s and he has no choice but to wait until the present day, when the next window that will allow him to travel back to the future will arrive. In order to avoid potentially disastrous butterfly effects, Locke has lived in complete isolation for over 200 years. 

With his one shot to return home around the corner, a chance encounter with a kind-hearted woman, Zoe, unravels his meticulously laid plans. 

Against his better judgement, he takes a peek into her future and discovers that she will be kidnapped and murdered under mysterious circumstances. Locke must risk his own life — as well as the future of civilization — in order to save the life of the only woman he’s ever loved.

Are you excited for Love In Time? Will you be reading the series?

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