‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×04 Review: “The Jimmy Jab Games II”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Jimmy Jab Games II” was over the top in a way that only Charles Boyle can be and we love the episode even more because of it. He definitely had a blast watching The Greatest Showman and the inspiration is there in the costumes, the musical numbers, and his flare for the dramatic. 

This week we’re doing a different kind of review. Check out our five favorite moments from this week’s all-new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled “The Jimmy Jab Games II”!

1. Charles Boyle and his everything.

The Jimmy Jab Games II left me going, “Gina, who?” because Boyle killed it as the host of the games. He was theatrical, funny, and so dedicated to making this a fun experience for everyone at the Nine-Nine. And yes, he’s a bit over the top, but isn’t that what is needed to be the greatest showman of the Nine-Nine games? Yes, it is.

I appreciated the pageantry, the costume changes, and the musical numbers that took a while to perform. It shows how much planning went into this from Boyle’s side of things and how much he cared that everyone had a fun time. In fact, we bet he’s had this planned since he watched The Greatest Showman! It’s just the kind of person Boyle is.

2. Hitchcock and Scully’s medicine caddy of doom.

By far the funniest part of this episode was Hitchcock and Scully’s antics. Scully had the medicine caddy to end all medicine caddy’s. And it was chock full of handy dandy medicine that turned Hitchcock into an agile young man, did anyone see that jump over the barrier of the pen, right before the elevator? I’m telling you, agile young man.

Even when Hitchcock lost his high, he was still funny. And considering that my back has been thrown out the last couple days because of life, I understand the waddling and moving slowly because you’re hurt but determined. I’ve done plenty of stuff based on determination alone and I have NO REGRETS! Neither does Hitchcock or Scully.

3. Rosa and Holt connecting via one breakup.

I loved that even in the midst of such a hilarious episode, we got moments full of heart and understanding. Are we all a bit disappointed that Rosa and her girlfriend broke up? Of course. Stuff like this hurts, no matter who you are or how tough you present yourself to be in this world. And seeing Holt come together and be there for Rosa gave us all the feels because they’re family and that’s what you do for those you love.

Also, sorry for the break up Rosa. You’ll find another person. We can feel it in our bones. Why? Because you’re too awesome for someone to pass up on an opportunity to be with you. And that’s the tea!

4. Amy sacrificing herself to make sure Jake won.


With the minivan they just bought on the line, in a bitching champagne color by the way, Amy went full Armageddon on Jake and saved him. She lost her spot, her chance to win The Jimmy Jabs, in the most dramatic fashion that I’m pretty sure Jake liked…a lot. Remember the Die Hard cosplay with sexy times? It’s gonna happen again, just with another Bruce Willis movie.

Anyway, Amy is a good wife, a good partner, and the kind of person that I wish I had in my life. Everyone deserves an Amy Santiago, especially one that loves unconditionally, even when Jake is being a dork. Or maybe especially when he’s being a dork and a pain in the ass. Which, he quite often is and that Amy reminds him of. Also, everyone deserves a Jake Peralta who is ok with being pegged. Yup. That happened.

5. Debbie following her dreams.

I was all up for Debbie following her dreams and performing at the end of The Jimmy Jabs. It felt like the character development I never knew I wanted but that I got anyway. And considering how hard it is for anyone to join our favs at the Nine-Nine, I thought that’s the direction Brooklyn Nine-Nine was going with Debbie. Surprise, I was wrong.

Debbie stole A SHIT LOAD of stuff from the evidence locker. She didn’t just steal a bit of evidence or something that won’t be missed. She stole drugs and so much evidence that it fit into that giant duffle bag on wheels that she has on the fly. And honestly, it leads me to one question: Will Debbie be the Nine-Nine’s next big bad alongside evils like the Vulture and Wunch? I SURE HOPE SO!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 EST on NBC.

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