‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 10×13 Review: “What We Become”

This week was Michonne’s last episode of The Walking Dead – and we were so not ready. Now is kind of a difficult time to be watching a post-apocalyptic show, but nevertheless, we had to gather to say goodbye to an iconic character.

And what a goodbye it was – this episode was entirely trippy, and we got to see faces we hadn’t seen in a very long time. While we would have rather seen Michonne say goodbye to those she loved, the episode was an interesting send off to her character.

Michonne’s Trip

The drugs that Virgil gave Michonne gave us an alternative timeline of what would have happened to Michonne if she hadn’t saved Andrea – and it was jarring. She was the woman in the orange backpack that Daryl ignored. She became a savior and ended up being the one with Lucille in front of the lineup.

This whole storyline produced mixed feelings. One week after Negan’s big move of destroying Alpha, we are reminded of that terrible scene that made us hate him in the first place. However, Michonne’s presence during Rick’s group’s attack on the Saviors, and her speech at the lineup were a stark reminder that our favorite characters did kill a bunch of people while they were sleeping. And that was not the best move on their parts. Is this an effort on the part of the writers to make us more sympathetic toward Negan?

While it was cool to see this alternative timeline, this seems a little odd for the last episode of one of the best characters on the show to be away from everyone. Yes, Michonne chose the right thing in the end by sparing Virgil’s life, but couldn’t she have done that closer to her friends and family?

It can be assumed this is because Danai couldn’t be around for a bulk of this half of the season’s shooting, but it just feels strange for her to leave the show so far away from the group.

Also – seeing Daryl shoot her full of arrows in the alternate reality was not cool at all. But we have to admit, parts of this episode were like an AU fanfiction. And we don’t totally hate that concept.

Signs of Rick

One thing that was cool about this episode was that we did get to see Michonne discover evidence that Rick had survived and was still out there. Her caressing his boots had us all up in our feels.

And that picture he drew of Michonne and Judith? Why do they have to play with our emotions like that? Also – he doesn’t even know about little RJ?

All of this would be much more exciting if both Michonne and Rick were going to stay on the show and we could see her quest to find him. And we could see the big family reunion. But now we have to wait for the movie, whenever that may be. Now we are left with a broken family and more questions than answers.

And what was that army that was marching at the end there when she decided to rescue that couple? It felt so much like a cliffhanger, and it kills to know that we might never get those answers. We’re going to need that movie, stat.


At least Michonne got to talk to her kids one more time before she left. That conversation with little Judith and RJ had us all in tears. Judith, once again, was wise beyond her years in saying that Rick might need Michonne more than them. The tears rolling down Judith’s face during this entire conversation were gut-wrenching. Can we please stop breaking this poor little girl’s heart?

While the kids are safe with all the aunts and uncles they’ve gathered through the years, specifically Uncle Daryl, it is still hard to think about them living without their parents. At least when Maggie left, she took her kid with her. This all just feels a little strange. And why did Carol find that sword last week? Was that just a random sword? It’s so confusing.

Our only hope is that Michonne does indeed find Rick in the movies and brings him home.

Michonne has been a wonderful mother to Judith and RJ (and even Carl before that), and her legacy on the show will live on every time her daughter picks up her katana.

Michonne’s Memory

Michonne left the show almost the same way she entered it, guiding her armless zombies but giving up her solitary plans to help people. We saw through her hallucination that things go very wrong when she didn’t do the right thing, so she made the better choice.

And she remembered when Rick gave her a chance and let her into the prison. If anything, this episode reminded us why we love Michonne so much.

She is a strong and confident warrior woman, who also is not afraid to be in touch with her softer side. She’s a fearless leader, and also fiercely protective of her family. Though she arrived a few seasons in Michonne, it feels like she’s always been there. She will be missed so much.

And while this episode left us wanting more, we have nothing but love for Danai Gurira for her fantastic portrayal of our beloved Michonne. We know she will be amazing in everything she does in the future.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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