9-1-1 3×15 Review: “Eddie Begins”

In last week’s 9-1-1 review, I said it might be nice if the next episode was a little less intense.  If you’re wondering if the writers listened to my request, the answer would be no!

I guess can forgive the writers because “Eddie Begins” was absolutely amazing.  9-1-1 origin stories are the best, and Eddie’s was no exception.  Throughout the episode we learn more about Eddie’s past as he fights to survive in the present.

In the last two seasons Eddie has shown us that he’s a great father, and he has a wonderful relationship with his son, Christopher.  That wasn’t always the case, though.  Eddie was at war and missed out on some of Christopher’s childhood.  After his wife left him, his parents even called him out on barely having a relationship with his son.  This honestly made me respect Eddie even more because he changed. He decided he wanted to be a good father.

In the present day, Eddie fights to save Hayden. Eddie is so dedicated to saving the boy that he cuts the line when the other firefighters try to pull him up.  He wasn’t leaving without Hayden.  It seems like everything might be okay as Chimeny comes down to rescue them, but a freak accident happens, and Eddie ends up trapped underground.  This was devastating.  I lost it when Buck broke down screaming for Eddie. 

I don’t think I could have forgiven the show if they had killed Eddie.  But somehow, against all odds, Eddie survived just like he did at war. At the end of the episode, Eddie and Christopher speak to Christopher’s class about Eddie’s silver star and how he got it: he helped save his fellow soldiers.  I loved how Eddie told the class that Christopher is his good luck charm, and it’s true.  Christopher’s the reason Eddie survived the helicopter crash, being shot at, and how he survived being trapped underground. 

Ryan Guzman’s gave a brilliant performance in “Eddie Begins”, and somehow, I like Eddie even more now (because let’s be honest: I already loved him.)  Oliver Stark also killed it this week as Buck. Buck and Eddie have an amazing bond, and it was clearly evident this week. Friendships have always been the best part of 9-1-1, and they keep me invested in the show.

Other Thoughts:

  • It was so funny that Buck forgot to use his radio to respond to Bobby.  The whole point of a radio check is to, you know, use your radio and make sure it works. 
  • Could Chimney have a more complicated coffee order?  If I were Hen, I would just make him get it himself.

Agree?  Disagree?  What did you think about “Eddie Begins”?  Leave us a comment below.

9-1-1 airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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