‘Love Lettering’ – The Book Makes You Appreciate the View

Have you ever read a book that made you jump up and down with glee one minute, then squeeze it tight, thinking “MY BOOK,” the next? That is what Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn did for me!!

This book brought ALL. THE. FEELS, mainly LOVE!

The heroine of the novel is Meg Mackworth, and she truly has one of the most interesting jobs. I will never look at signs or lettering the same way after this book. She, and the hero, Reid Sutherland, spend a great deal of time playing games noticing the fonts on signs – this is far more interesting than it sounds at face value. It is the story of two very real people, flaws and all, falling in love, and while that may sound simple it was anything but. Due to the extraordinary writing of Clayborn you feel what the characters feel, and it’s just so EVERYTHING!

Meg is juggling a lot, busy with a new business and a collapsing childhood friendship. I greatly appreciated this look into friendship troubles, as they can be just as painful as romantic problems, but you rarely see it discussed. I was riveted by the glimpse inside Meg’s business world, as it’s something I knew very little about. 

Meg’s random thoughts and opinions brought me great pleasure. I truly agreed with her take on the “That’s Nice,” comment from married friends:

“That’s Nice” is what married people always say when they find out you have a date. As though a good eighty-six percent of dates in this city don’t end with you considering a blood pact with yourself to give up on men in general. 

Going back to the hero of the story, Reid Sutherland – sigh. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that he is definitely one of my FAVORITE heroes of any book I have ever read. He is truly a good person. Sure, he has his flaws, but really even those are endearing. He is simply wonderful. I may have fallen in love with him before Meg did. Reid Sutherland is not a character I will ever forget.

Reid tells Meg he is a quant at a financial institution on Wall Street, a guy that does a lot of math. We learn quickly that Reid is exceptionally smart and struggles in social situations, but Meg gets that about him. She does not try to change him, she finds him to be old fashioned in the terms he uses and she and I LOVE IT. 

The best thing about Reid is the way he gets Meg. It is truly a beautiful thing to read. If I had a dream man, he would treat me as Reid treats Meg. Years ago, I watched this movie Phenomenon with John Travolta and Kyra Sedgewick – the only thing I remember about this movie was Sedgewick’s character made these awful chairs in her free time, and Travolta’s character bought all her chairs – he understood what she loved and wanted to support that. Reid’s support of Meg both professionally and personally shows that he gets her. 

The other great love in this book is NEW YORK CITY. The characters, even the minor characters, truly love this city, and I have always loved this city too. The book acts as a bit of a love letter to this amazing place. Clayborn highlights things about New York that you may miss, and now I can’t wait to go back!

Watching these two characters fall in love and overcome obstacles to get to their happily ever after was so so wonderful! I highly recommend this book!

This book can be purchased at Kobo or Amazon.

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