‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 2×06 Music Guide: “Sex & Candy”

There’s so much to love about Roswell, New Mexico. Whether it’s the fact that every episode fails to disappoint, the complex and diverse characters that populate this realistic world, or the emotional reactions the show forces from us on the weekly.

But perhaps an underrated element of Roswell, New Mexico‘s allure is the soundtrack that guides the story each and every week.

I’ve always made it clear that the eclectic mix of ’90s and modern music breathes unique life into this show. Especially the ’90s music, which pays homage to the original series.

This week’s episode brought us some new songs that did a great job setting the mood for the heartbreaking tone of this episode. Another example of how music is an integral part to conveying the emotion of a scene.

Let’s take a look at the music that appeared in Roswell, New Mexico‘s sixth episode this season, “Sex & Candy.”

“Esperanza” – Xocoyotzin Herrera

This song plays when Alex and Maria meet at the Mexican Food Market. That’s where they run into Forrest and his dog, Buffy. During the conversation, Forrest invites Alex to the poetry night at the Pony, but he turns him down.

“La Carreta” – Jose Luis Lepe

This song plays as Maria tells Alex that she wants to investigate the rare boots her mother was found in after she disappeared. Also, Liz comes to Max’s rescue with Spanish translation, then he asks her out on a date.

“Save Tonight” – Eagle-Eye Cherry

This song plays when Maria comforts Alex as they drive to the bootmakers. It continues as Max comes to The Crashdown, where Liz serves him a Little Green Man milkshake to help jog his memory.

“I Done Woke Up” – Louisiana Red

This song plays as Maria attempts to avoid Michael’s call while Alex attempts to persuade her to answer the call.

“Magnetic” – Whissell

“Alchemistress Dance” – Stop Dead

“Turn to Hate” – Orville Peck

“I Think We’re Alone Now (feat. David Anders)” – Roswell, New Mexico Cast

This song plays as Travis (Trevor) sings to Alex before attacking him; (repeats) Trevor sings as he chases after Maria through the corn field.

“Close Your Eyes” – Kim Petras

This song plays as Travis begins to chase Maria through his cornfield and continues as Kyle and Isobel dance with one another, Isobel tend teases Kyle about her experience with meteor showers when he suggest they go see it

“Queen of the Rodeo” – Orville Peck

This song plays when Isobel and Kyle begin to slow dance when Isobel suggest they go to the bathroom to hook up.

“The Fall” – Moontricks

This song plays as Kyle attempts to explain to Isobel why them hooking up is a bad idea when the bartender asks to cut in.

“Hypnotised” – Years & Years

This song plays when Kyle finds Steph in surgery. Also, when Max tells Liz that he remembers her and they kiss, Isobel & the bartender share a kiss then head out and Michael dresses Alex’s wound then Maria instigates a threesome.

“Through Your Eyes (feat. Birdtalker)” – Jordan Critz

This song plays Michael tells Maria that he’s not living. It continues as Liz and Max kiss goodbye afterwards Liz declares her love, they share another kiss before parting. It concludes as Alex sits in on Forrest’s poetry reading.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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