'Batwoman' 1x20 Review: "O, Mouse"

‘Batwoman’ 1×20 Review: “O, Mouse”

Batwoman worked with what it had and gave us an early season finale worth its weight in gold in “O, Mouse.” Like, seriously, didn’t see half of what happened in this episode to actually happen and I live, breathe, and eat TV on a daily basis. And that’s the sign of a good TV show. Wait, a great TV show.

One of the main reasons why this show is great is because of Mary Hamilton. There, I said it. I bet you were expecting me to say Batwoman but Mary has stolen my heart, taken it on ride, and never given it back. And I’m ok with that. Hell, I’m more than ok with it. I encourage it and can’t wait to see more of Mary, the kind of sister she is, and how she can help the Bat Team in season two.

“O, Mouse” also saw Mary doing one of the most badass things yet: confronting her father about Batwoman. Sure, he lied and double crossed Batwoman. But the fact remains that she took a stand, made her voice be heard, and didn’t let her dad think that Batwoman had kidnapped her or forced her to say something Mary didn’t want to. Mary wanted to and I can’t wait to see the confrontation between Mary and her pops after they betrayed Batwoman.

Right now, their dad is misplacing his anger at Alice, on Batwoman. And that’s not fair, not one bit. Alice is the one who killed his wife, not Batwoman. And I would really like it if their dad would back the hell off of Batwoman before he really hurts her, finds out who she is, and then regrets his decision to the moon and back; which you know will happen because TV!

And then there’s Kate, girl went through a lot this episode. She got the snot beat out of her by Titan, got betrayed by her dad, and then showed her friends the truth about the status of kryptonite in this world. Anyone would be torn down or stressed by of this. I know I would and it speaks to the strength of Kate Kane that she’s still standing, still fighting.


That’s what makes Kate such a great hero. She’s smart and knows her limits. She’s kind and wants to give people a chance. She’s a fighter and a gentle soul at the same time. (Sounded better than saying she’s a “lover” even though she is.) Point being, Kate’s got a long way to go when it comes to being a superhero. She’s only on season one after all. But she’s got the makings of greatness in her bones.

No matter what Alice does, and even though I’m Team Alice ever since Kate betrayed her and locked up, Kate will continue to rise. Alice will struggle in her desperate need to get revenge, even if it means killing her own brother, and will be truly alone in her misery. Kate won’t. She’s got family, that of blood and choice. Kate will be ok.

Batwoman has been renewed for season 2.

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