‘The Baker & The Beauty’ Showrunner Answers What We Can Expect If There Is A Season 2

Oh, I am still thinking about The Baker & The Beauty‘s season finale. And yes, I am hoping it’s a season finale, because I strongly believe that there are more stories to be told here.

We interviewed the showrunner Dean Georgaris about the season finale and the choices that were made.

But the biggest question was what would happen if the show gets a Season 2.

“The quick answer is, you can expect the unexpected. Daniel and Noa have made a fairly rash decision. And what we talk about is their relationship even though it’s dressed up in celebrities like every other relationship. It’s one thing to love each other, another to actually see if you work as real life partners. So I think you’re going to see love explored in that way. And then you’re going to see 3 other love stories.” he started.

“You’re going to see Mari and Rafael as the bakery expands, and their love story. You’re going to see a very surprising turn in the relationship between Mateo and Vanessa. And you’re going to see Natalie and Amy dealing with being teenagers in love. So really next year…I always joke that at a minimum we have 3 bakers and 3 beauties on the show. And I’d argue that Natalie is a baker and a beauty. Season two is really going to feature all four couples, and all four stories.” he continued.

Now though I am completely anti Vanessa and Mateo – I am all for seeing how this plays out.

Dean ended the question with this answer, “Also, I’m still fairly new to television and I’ve had shows that the audiences have responded to but that I haven’t been lucky enough to get a season 2 yet. I’m hoping this one is it.”

We hope it’s it too.

Did you watch The Baker & The Beauty? What are your thoughts?


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