‘The Boyfriend Project’ – The Book That Brings You the Happy You Deserve!

I heard the buzz around Farrah Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project before I read it, and it was NOT overblown. This book has fantastic female friendships, a brilliant heroine and a hero who just can’t resist her!

Besides loving the hero and the heroine in this book – which I do A LOT – I have to give a special shout out for what Rochon does with female friendships. She introduces three fabulous ladies in the most interesting way, and their friendship is a major element of this book. I loved all three women but especially loved how they supported each other. And as this is the first book in a new series I have all kinds of hope we will get books about London and Taylor, the two other ladies!! Squee!!!!

Now onto to the romance – Samiah Brooks is truly one of my favourite heroines EVER. It doesn’t hurt that she works in tech and is beautiful. She is brilliant and while she has had to fight for others to see it – she knows her worth. I so appreciate someone who knows when they know. And she KNOWS. Outside of rocking it in the office, she has created her own app – which is all about making platonic friends. I want to use this app!! 

The only place Samiah is not having success is her love life, but she, along with her new friends have decided to put that on the back-burner and focus on things for themselves – LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.  Of course, this is when Daniel Collins walks into her life.

Daniel Collins – sigh – our hero, there is so much to love about him. From the way Rochon describes him, he might be the sexist man alive and he appreciates Samiah’s brain. Kill. Me. Now. 

The man is PERFECT – well, almost. Where would the fun be without out some conflict? This book brings both internal and external conflict. I don’t want to spoil anything but Daniel is not what he appears to be. All is explained and I’m not going to lie, some of it makes him even more attractive.

Watching the will they or won’t they dance between Samiah and Daniel may leave you screaming – for God’s Sake Do It Already!! But it’s all worth the wait. TRUST ME. 

This is my first book by Rochon, and I adore her voice. I wasn’t even finished it before I bought her other books – the woman has written football romances, how am I supposed to resist that?!

I really do insist you go out and get this book as soon as possible! It was impossible to put down. If you love well-developed characters that just leave you feeling invested, this book for you! You deserve happy things in your life and this book is a way to achieve just that!

You can purchase The Boyfriend Project on both Kobo and Amazon

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