The 5 Stages of Realizing That ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 is Coming

In April of 2020, the whole world stopped, and we have spent months not only contemplating our own fates, but the fates of our favorite shows (granted, their fates were small potatoes compared to, well, COVID-19 in general – but I digress). 

Production of our beloved show, and many others, was halted, and we were left wondering when we could expect the fifth season of Lucifer to grace our screens.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Netflix has officially announced that Lucifer will rise again on August 21! And not content with THAT, they’ve announced that we ARE getting a sixth season – and this time, it’s the final, final one.

I know it’s a lot to process. This is all happening so fast. What do we do?! Fear not, friends! I’m here to help you with that, because I know it felt like this day would never come. To help you work through this crazy, unexpected wave of excitement, here are the 5 stages of realizing that Lucifer season five is on it’s way!

Stage One: Denial

This can’t be happening, right? It’s a rumor – a trick! We all know that Coronavirus has ruined everything for everyone, and we were told that production was halted!

There’s no way they’re ready to release content…

Stage Two: Obsessive Research

Here’s the thing, before we can allow ourselves to fully commit to our excitement, we need to know for sure, from the horse’s mouth, from at least three to five reputable sources (one of those sources being Fangirlish, of course), that our beloved show is finally coming back to us!

(Pro-tip, though: Netflix is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to, y’know…release dates for Netflix shows.)

Stage Three: Acceptance

Holy moly, it’s true. Lucifer is coming back – and it’s coming soon. Like, this summer soon! August!

Stage Four: Freak Out

Houston, we are clear for excitement. It’s true! You’ve put in the work, you’ve confirmed it. It’s all there – article upon article and tweet after tweet from the cast and crew have all confirmed it: Lucifer is coming!

Stage Five: Waiting…

But, alas, we still have more waiting to do. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but there are still months between us and the premier date for the first half of the fifth season. But Lucifer fans are no strangers to adversity!

We fought hard for our show. We found it a new home. And, damn it, we are prepared to wait as long as we need to to make sure we get the send off we – and our favorite characters – deserve!

It’s so close we can taste it…

Hang in there, friends and fans. The final season is almost upon us and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re in for one Hell of a ride. (I can’t help myself, alright?)

Lucifer season five is set to return August 21st on Netlfix.

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