Jude Law To Play ‘Captain Hook’

I can relate to Peter Pan, because I don’t ever want to grow up. Yes, I know I am grown, but I still act like I am not. And hey, I am okay with that.

I am very picky about my Peter Pan movies, because I don’t like when people ruin the things that I love, and lets be honest, Hollywood ruins a lot of things.

So am I excited for a new Peter Pan movie? Yes. Am I scared AF about it. Yes.

Jude Law has been cast as Captain Hook in the upcoming Disney live action film, “Peter Pan & Wendy,” Variety reports.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter Pan, I am a little worried about what you have been watching. The movie centers around a boy who lives in Neverland and refuses to grow up. The original animated film came out from Disney in 1953.

Captain Hook has been played in movies by such actors as Dustin Hoffman, Jason Isaacs and, most recently, Garrett Hedlund. It was also played by Colin O’Donoghue in ABC’s Once Upon A Time.

Are you excited for Jude Law as Captain Hook? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I love Jude Law and Peter Pan so I’m excited about this. As soon as I saw his photo before I opened the article, I was like Jude is Captain Hook!

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