'Wynonna Earp' 4x03 Review: "Look at Them Beans"

‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×03 Review: “Look at Them Beans”

Wynonna Earp’s “Look at Them Beans” was a chef’s kiss episode that set the stage for the rest of the season while remembering that we love #Wayhaught in any form we can get them. This episode was also proof that our Sheriff, I don’t care if she’s former, has gone through some shit in the months Waverly, Wynonna, and Doc have been gone. Like everyone else on this show, SHE MUST BE PROTECTED!

The Good

'Wynonna Earp' 4x03 Review: "Look at Them Beans"

Following an episode like “Friends in Low Places” is hard. I’d honestly say that that episode might be actual perfection and I never say that about anything that I watch nowadays. But that episode was chef’s kiss and I was really worried about the episode that would come after that one. I was worried about “Look at Them Beans.” And after watching it, I’m not so worried after all. 

“Look at Them Beans” felt a little bit fillery. Not going to lie about that one. But it was necessary fillery goodness that has set the stage for how much Purgatory has changed in the year and some months that they’ve been away. It showed us that there are newer players in town; primarily talking about the new Magistrate and Sheriff. The former I’m convinced is Eve in disguise. And the latter I’m happy to see because it’s Benny from Supernatural.

But back to more goodness in “Look at Them Beans.” Yes, I loved the bean cook off. It was silly and the right kind of fun for Wynonna Earp. But what really got me, and what really made me squeal in happiness, is that we got more Wayhaught. Just because they had this epic sex scene in “Friends in Low Places” doesn’t mean that they stop wanting each other during other episodes. 

Wayhaught want each other all the time. And for us to be given small moments throughout “Look at Them Beans” shows how much Emily Andras and everyone at Wynonna Earp cares for queer relationships and the normalization of said relationships. It makes me feel real, worthwhile, and like I invested in a show that cares for me and what my life is about. And that right there is an empowering thing that no one can take away from me.

The Bad

'Wynonna Earp' 4x03 Review: "Look at Them Beans"

My baby Nicole Haught has been through some stuff. Like, all the parts that make her her are still there. She’s brave, loyal, and a badass no matter what day of the week it is. But something in the core of her has changed these months that she was alone, guarding the Homestead. If anything, I’d say that she was traumatized.

When Doc was being chased by a monster outside of the Homestead, Nicole froze. Not because she didn’t want to help Doc. She did. But she couldn’t risk the monster getting into the house so she froze while Rachel took action and let Doc in. Nicole has changed and I’m afraid that she will freeze up again in the future when taking care of the Homestead.

Also, no matter who she’s with, Waverly included, she’s always on high alert. And that right there worries me. What did Nicole go through all those months? What did she face? What did she and Rachel face? Did they narrowly survive all those months before Waverly, Doc, and Wynonna returned? I’ve just got so many questions and I want to protect our Sheriff no matter what.

Being with Waverly, Wynonna, and Doc will help Nicole let some of her guard down. But I don’t think that will happen until she tells Waverly exactly what she lived through. And I’ve got a feeling it will A) break our hearts B) break Waverly’s heart and C) make it so Waves goes all badass protector mode to protect her smol bean/love known as Nicole Haught.

The Ugly

'Wynonna Earp' 4x03 Review: "Look at Them Beans"

Thank the lucky stars that that ugly looking pile of used up tissue paper/clumpy hair was Nedley. After everything he’s been through and how he had Wynonna’s back when everyone was gone, I didn’t want him to just fade into nonexistence. Instead what they did is make him a little stir crazy before he ran off into the woods and became infected by some tissue paper demon.

From then on he became the boogie man of Purgatory. And that’s where it turns a little ugly. We were introduced to this monster as he killed someone making a delivery. This monster was also “fed” by the magistrate and the people who won the local release of a prisoner scheme of the week. And that’s all sort of twisted and messed up when you really think of it.

The fact that Nedley doesn’t remember what he did during that year plus as a giant tissue paper monster is far too convenient and a little easy in my books. The fact that they paired that off with him leaving Purgatory with his daughter is also too convenient. Or at least I assume that he left with his daughter. Because as much as he loved Wynonna and the gang, this is his kid and he will follow her.

Which, while we’re talking about it. You’ve got this tight AF border security that no one can get past, but Nedley’s daughter did it like nothing with the former Sheriff somewhere stashed in the car. Did Black Badge even really check? Or was it because it was Jeremy that she got off easy and made it through with her dad? Which, again, we don’t have confirmation he left but we assume he did.

Still, we hope wherever he goes that he and his daughter are happy, healthy, and alive.

Wynonna Earp airs Sundays at 10/9c on SYFY.

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