Halsey Talks About Her New Poetry Book

Halsey has a beautiful voice and soul. We’re excited for everything that she does. We look forward to her new music and even her new tweets. Because you don’t ever get bullshit with Halsey.


You get her heart.

The singer previously talked about the poetry book that she is putting out,and now has given more information about the upcoming release.

“A good chunk of it is about my life before I was ‘Halsey.’ But there’s a lot of present day insights too that I don’t often get to express. My feelings on family, loneliness, power, gender and sexuality, and longing. Sooooo much longing,” she tweeted to a fan about the project.

We love that it’s going to be extremely personal, the best poetry is.

Fans also asked if there would be a second book.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the book and read it. The book releases November 10, 2020.

Learn more about it on Halsey’s website here.

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