You Need to Stop Sleeping on 'Train to Busan'

You Need to Stop Sleeping on ‘Train to Busan’

With the sequel to Train to Busan here, it’s time to ask an important question for those that have never watched the original: Why are you sleeping on Train to Busan? Sure, watching the trailer might be a little overwhelming and you might not be into the whole zombie thing. But Train to Busan has more heart than I’ve ever seen in a movie and the quality scenes to back it up. So, without spoiling too much, here are three reasons why you should be watching!

1. All that damn heart

At the center of this story is a man desperately trying to get his daughter to Busan. It’s just a normal trip in the beginning. Just an absent father dropping off his kid at the moms. But as the zombie apocalypse gets worse it becomes clear to us and the father that the most important mission is getting this little girl to safety. Nothing else matters. Not his job, not his life. All that matters is his kid and what he does in the moments he has with her on the way to Busan. And that’s where Train to Busan finds its legs and goes running!

2. All the damn action

I have never seen action sequences like the ones in Train to Busan. You can tell that they took their time, had a hell of a lot of extras, and made it an experience like none we’ve seen before. Just the way they moved was creepy enough. Add to that a mix of heart, a group of people stuck in a desperate situation, and you’ve got all the good action your little ass kicking heart deserves! Seriously, this movie has unforgettable action sequences that leave you going, “Did they really just do that?! Wicked cool!”

3. All the damn side characters

There’s plenty of heart to go around in the Train to Busan. And it’s not just the relationship between the male lead and his daughter. There are others on the train who matter just as much and who fight tooth and nail to survive, thrive, and stay alive. You’ve got a group of teens who see each other like brothers and sisters who they must protect. You’ve got two older women who are best friends til the end. And you’ve got a first time father protecting his pregnant wife. That creates facets and makes the movie even more interesting!

Train to Busan and it’s sequel Peninsula are available to stream now!

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