Gina Carano Pulls a JK Rowling

Let us be clear, we all celebrated Gina Carano’s Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. We were all happy to see someone like her, a physically strong woman who doesn’t always fit Hollywood’s standards of beauty, get a chance to shine. But just because you like a character doesn’t mean you can turn your blind eye when the performer who embodies that character starts pulling the shit Gina Carano is pulling.

The correct term in 2020 would probably be a JK Rowling. She’s pulling a JK Rowling.

I won’t give Carano more of a platform by putting her tweets up – but let’s be clear, what she’s doing is attempting to delegitimize trans people, mocking their very existence, and oh yes …all of this because people dared to called her out on anti-science beliefs.

We don’t support that. We don’t support Carano. And we aren’t alone …

Anyway, stan Pedro Pascal’s Mando and Baby Yoda. That’s it.

At the moment of publishing this Carano has removed the mocking “pronouns” from her profile name – but has not apologized.

The Mandalorian is returning to Disney+ on October 30th.

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