‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 12×08 Review: “Love Kills”

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  1. This was an okay episode. But I won’t be lying if I said that I could’ve done without actually seeing this episode.
    Seems like the only thing I enjoy now is the newbies talking and the jokes. Oh, and I get ‘elated’ when I hear a cryptic Hetty mention. (Which I consider embarrassing given that I used to look forward to every episode before Season 10, now. It’s just embarrassing at how low I have to even settle with an episode!)
    I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode. (They really need to start figuring out where Hetty is before she really needs help!)

  2. I really miss Hetty. Hope she’s okay in next week’s episode

  3. This was an okay episode with the jokes. I won’t be lying though if I said that I wish I should’ve just skipped this episode. I miss the days before Season 10 when I looked forward to every episode naturally instead of thinking if I should actually skip an episode!

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