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CHICAGO FIRE -- "Escape Route" Episode 908
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  1. Huney says:

    Chicago Med: Im not into the Mancel, I think Manstead are great for each other both on a personal level and bring out the better in each other professionally. Would love to see them back as a couple. Chexton has a lot of work to do with Ethan’s higher than everyone else attitude Still not sure on them. Love Maggie & Ben seems like out of work couples are the strongest.

    Chicago Fire: I think Casey & Brett really love each other. Brett was right in what she told Casey but she has also got to get over her insecurities Gabby wasn’t any better than Brett. I personally did not like Gabby the last couple seasons she was on the show and stopped watching, started back when she left. Casey has never had to fight for what he truly wanted & loved Gabby threw herself at him. He needs to go to Brett and completely open up about his feelings and she him. They are/would be a powerful couple, I pray we get 💖BRETTSEY this season. Stellaride is just plain out boring, I’m sorry I know so many ❤️ this couple but they are more like best friends than a couple. They remind me of Kelly & Shay. (I miss Shay so bad). Stella can be needy. I liked the fun, laughing, carefree Severide, I loved Severide with Anna they were a perfect fit😍. Stella also chased him around when he was seeing Anna even when she said as as friend she (like Dawson with Casey was with Hallie) knew exactly what she was doing. I would love to see Kelly become Capt and advance in the house. Seems he is being pushed more to the back lately and I miss his rough character and Sevacey’s friendship. I think he would be more suited with someone outside the Fire Dept, at one time I thought Natalie but nope he needs someone totally new to the scene just like Jay on PD. Not seeing the Mackey & Gallo at all, don’t even like the storyline, loved Gallo & Victoria they pushed each other and also didn’t work in the same house nor the drama with Cruz!

    Chicago PD: Burzek Burzek Burzek that is all! They finally after 8 seasons deserve each other all of it like Kim & Adam want! They deserve happiness more than any couple on any of the OC series. I personally can’t stand Jay & Hailey together. I believe Jay needs to find someone outside of the district (at one point I even thought he and Sylvie Brett) I don’t care for Upton’s character. Her character has already been tarnished with all that she done and she keeps on, just like lying to Jay. He deserves better and also a fresh start outside of District 21. Hailey is known to thru the depts with multiple affairs with her previous partners & then Adam, Jay doesn’t deserve that. I don’t understand why the writers feel like they have to couple up partners? The unit is small and one stable couple is all that is needed in there, besides I have a hard time with the whole Adam/Haile/Jay triangle (just me). The unit wasn’t as divided as it is now until Hailey came. Plus the whole comment and the way she treated Kevin about the Doyle shooting and Kevin doing the right thing. Something about her is just trouble and Jay don’t need that or her. I think Kevin & April from Med would be a great fit or yes I know this is going to make some mad but even Kevin & Kidd from Fire would make a great couple! 🤗.

    And Yes the writers are making ALL the women & men look bad with having them sleep with each other like they do.

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