‘New Amsterdam’ 3×14 Review: “Death Begins in Radiology”

NEW AMSTERDAM -- "Death Begins in Radiology" Episode 314
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  1. C says:

    💯 – your gripe is my gripe. And almost word for word my complaint about it. That voicemail felt like A to C, but seriously what happened to B? And if Max were a different, more suave person, maybe I could get behind it. But he’s a bumbling idiot when it comes to Helen 90% of the time. No way he just woke up and decided to declare his feelings over VM 🤣.

    Otherwise a solid finale. And that sharpwin ending – made me feel all the feels. It was cinematic. It was effective. It had that take your breath away anticipation that I haven’t felt since Cersei blew up the sept in Kings Landing. I’m not sure they could have done it much better.

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