We Need to Talk About ‘Luca’s Alberto and the Importance of Mental Health

We Need to Talk About 'Luca's Alberto and the Importance of Mental Health
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  1. ellen says:

    i had the same thought about his journey with mental health!! the way i saw it through out the movie was that alberto struggled with depression, that sense of feeling alone which was symbolized and reinforced by the absence of his father, and living alone on the island. at the end when he tells luca “you got me off the island, i’m okay” it really connected. he wasn’t alone surrounded by ocean anymore, but apart of a new found family, who put passion and purpose back into his life! and luca seemed to deal with anxiety, that was grounded by alberto, who taught him how to breathe. when luca is first on the beach after ‘the change’ he is panicking and alberto tells him to breathe, and that’s when luca calms down and finally takes in the world around him. truly a beautiful film that covers a lot of themes, but i could talk about it’s symbolism of mental health for a longggggg time! there is so much i connected to and noticed in watching it

  2. lyrahale says:

    I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one that felt this! It made the movie matter so much more to me than expected! And like you, I could go on and on about the symbolism and aspects of mental health that made me love this movie <3

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