‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ 1×05 Review: “New Patty”

'Kevin Can F**k Himself' 1x05 Review: "New Patty"
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  1. Laura says:

    I started watching this show and dropped it quickly after a couple of episodes. I understand the concept and the fanciful explanation about how the gals want to better themselves, etc. (yawn, so DO IT.). All I can think about is why doesn’t Allison leave Kevin? She’s tried to drop the accent, get another job, have daydreams of a nicer life, yet all she does is whine, feel sorry for herself, feel stuck which she participates in. Take back her ‘power’ and tell Kevin to go get f*&ked. She said she had no money, which closes off her escape. (No relatives? Friends? ANY options at all? Hidden bank account? My sympathy is really stretched here). Millions of abused women run and get out; this is no better, being rundown, made fun of, grilled like a criminal, pushed around, the whole gauntlet: wives as mothers, housekeepers, slaves. Why does anyone put up with this? Whatever could be any form of payoff for letting one’s self be treated like this? Let’s see Allison and Patti throw in together, run away, leave this shit life behind, as many, many married women should do, help each other out and do better. Maybe this will be the show’s plan and not murder. These characters don’t even have kids to weigh them down/hold them back in the hideous environments. So many women fall for the first “You’re pretty,” and “I love you” that some schlub says and ends up with lives like these so boo hoo, make smarter choices and get control of the hormones. The gals must help themselves a little, and I don’t mean murder. This show is too tedious. I want to scream GET A SPINE AND TAKE ACTION – MAKE A PLAN AND GET OUT.

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