What If…? 1×01 Review: “What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?”

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  1. Fredrick Beondo says:

    As was when I tripped over Fangirlish in re: Vagrant Queen (Am so angry we’ll never get closure), it is so nice to come here and see every thing I thought about the episode echoed, here in triplicate LOL, and maybe a couple of points a stupid GUY has to have chicksplained to him 😉 but just to add, I honestly thought this 31 or so minutes were a fine condensation of The First Avenger with it’s own flavor, and now selfishly I hope that:

    1) this leads to the penultimate episode of the season being the collecting of the Variant Avengers (best I can come up with for this, sorry), which I assume will be the main characters of each of the next 7 episodes, by the Strange Collective (I do believe we have seen a WI? clip where there is more than one Doctor Strange in the episode, so that feeds into the multiversal concept they’ve been building since Wanda’s cabin at the end of WV that (so far) points toward ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’, and of course the cracking of the Sacred Timeline in Loki [again, as He Who Remains told us he had repaired it after the first Kang War]) to battle (a) Kang the Conqueror (we know he will also be in the next Ant-Man/Wasp movie, and HWR said there are many *of* him) to protect their timelines/universes, and
    2) Peggy gets the Endgame variation where after setting the multiverse right, she gets to go back and meet Steve for that dance *that* Saturday night, and go on to live the same long life with him that Steve seems to have had with Peggy after Endgame in this timeline. Do not adjust your glasses, this is a guy saying he believes in romance, even if it’s in a cartoon, and maybe also because I think jacked Captain Carter is HAWT 🙂

    Also, that general needed a Carter slap, GOD I couldn’t stop cursing out his misogynist ass…the part with the Aryan Pride poster child brought to mind the scene in Raiders when the crowd parts and the guy’s there swinging his sword all fancy like and Indy just pulls out his gun and shoots him, I was laughing so hard at how Peggy just put him down like nothing, pretty much…I know they were trying to match up the beats of the story in harmony with TFA, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Captain Carter punching Hitler in the face just like Cap did on the cover of his comic LOL

    Being a fan of Marvel Zombies, that is one I’m definitely looking forward to, I do wish they had given us a teaser for the next episode in the credits though, as ‘mid-credits scene’ is pretty much an unofficially official Marvel thing (yet I somehow missed the mid-credit where Monica got caught by Ralph at Agatha’s place in WV), but I’m sure one will come sometime over the weekend 😉

    Look forward to more trio reviews as a format, and it might be a nice trend in future, as you all interwove your points, and even disagreed on Steggy/Peeve as a ship, but as I said above, it’s a ship I’d proudly sail on…

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