‘The 100’ Prequel Not Moving Forward At The CW

The 100 - Prequel
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  1. Ive says:

    That prequel deserves to be dead.
    Why make a prequel to a story where almost all of humanity is abducted by aliens and where the few survivors are sterilized (lgbtq characters nothing more and nothing less)?
    Leaving aside the abusive behavior of the showrunner who was accused of racism by one of the actors and had Eliza film a scene pleading for her baby a few weeks after she had a miscarriage. One actress nearly lost an eye and another actor’s vocal cords were damaged when he was hung longer than necessary for a scene.
    And I also leave aside the multiple cases of cultural appropriation that the show has and the racist implications behind the way in which the deaths of various characters were executed.
    We need to start re-evaluating what we consume. Much more when these products are created under those conditions.

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