‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×08 Review: “Fractures”

Chicago P.D. 9x08
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  1. Marie Smith says:

    You made yourself laugh when you mention that this show has Kim, Adam, Kevin and Trudy remind the writers

  2. VulcanJohn1 says:

    I will admit that I let this show and Magnum P.I. become very important to me because of how they portray veterans in a positive light and saws how we can make positive contributions to our communities. Also they both show veterans having stable positive relationships. It hit home again yesterday when another veteran (Kenneth Santiago) killed himself on the national mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. On average 20 veterans commute suicide each day and so to me and other veterans I personally know who watch the shows, it’s important to see positive representation. This all leads me to the fact that Jay & Hailey together is of supreme importance to me personally. Jay acting like himself again was a great relief because the writers had him acting completely out of character the last few episodes. Every interaction with Hailey this episode was perfectly in line with his previous actions, and yes they are back in perfect sync again. They move as if tethered together at the waist by a rope. Hailey’s statement about forever being a long time however gave me pause, but I know it must have been important to get clarity from Jay about forgiving her for lying to him. As for Voight I understand your desire your desire to have his charter written off. I too want to see the show reflect what should be happening in the actual police forces around the country. I however don’t see them writing anyone off the show. Additionally whomever is writing the show right now continues to write these individuals out of character, first Jay, now Voight. There is no way Voight would have left Roy’s body there after it took Jay two minutes to figure out how to track Voight movements and go looking. If Jay did it, someone else could too. Voight has been around too long and squirmed his way out of too many situations to just hope that no one else would put two and two together like Jay did. Especially since there was an investigation. So the FBI should have never found that body. Big whole in the story because he has already removed a body from the silos before when he killer his sons murderer. Now Jay is put in an impossible position, because even if he agrees to help take Voight down it will mean admitting that he and Hailey committed several felony’s. While the FBI could make deals with Jay & Hailey to keep them out of jail, they would not be able to remain police. The show would be over for all three of them, so unless they are all leaving the show the writers must have some outlandish way of getting them all out of this situation. The most interesting thing to me will be seeing how Kim reacts to knowing that Roy is dead. Will she feel relief and not care about how it happened or will she feel rage because the three of them kept it from her? I also want to see more of Trudy because she is so underutilized, as is Kevin.

  3. Sue Burton says:

    My favorite show, take out Hank!! I’m done watching.. I can watch soap opera on Chicago fire,😡

  4. Terry Rowe says:

    Tired of Jay an Hailey soap opera. Give them a daytime show. Move on from them. Let Kevin, Kim, an Ruzek and the desk sargeant more opertunies to shine. I love this show!

  5. Susan says:

    No Voight. No damn show. What the hell kind of article is this shit!! Jay and Hailey have really gotten on my nerves. Has the author of the show forgotten that Hailey practically ordered the hit on Darius Walker?? Hailey killed Roy. Hank is the best thing going for this show. Seriously without him the show would be nothing.

  6. Voight has been deciding who lives and who dies for one decade, and he’s never been held responsible for it! Always an innocent paid for his sins (did you forget Al?) In Roy’s death, he was solely responsible, because he could have taken him into custody! Would give relief to Sam Miller, who is anguished to do justice for her son! And do you know what I thought the worst part of Voight? He’s sympathetic to her pain, comparing it to the his son’s death! How could he do that? If he had already done “justice” by killing and burying the Justin’s killer? And Al being punished for it, have you forgotten? I don’t! I think it’s time for Voight to answer for his mistakes! I’m sick of it!😡😡

  7. rcare says:

    Voight is Chicago PD don’t see him being written off, is he unconventional? yes does he hop between the lines of legal and illegal? yes but the whole premise of the show is just that a cop willing to do anything to get justice! Every single member of that unit has done something illegal. Jay turning on Voight to help the FBI would be reckless voight at this point is guilty of hiding the body Hailey actually pulled the trigger there’s no way she should get immunity for that and all the other things she’s done and let’s not forget that her character is very similar to Voight’s. Turning on Voight will probably lead to an investigation on the whole unit or atleast it should. The episodes this season all seem to lead towards and end for the unit but the show has one more season makes no sense to get rid off the main character. In terms of the hailey and jay relationship over them since before they were even a thing, they’re boring and lack spark and chemistry, honestly Jay’s behavior this season is annoying and it’s all because of the relationship with Hailey…One of them should be the one to leave, possibly Jay his character in my opinion has plateaued, all his episodes seem to center around the relationship with Hailey..JMO

  8. Sharon Emmonsmmons says:

    I’m ready for voight character be written off the show. This is one of my favorite shows, it will be even better without voight.

  9. I agree with you and I loved your review. Also, I do love Hailey so much. She is the best! Thank you for sharing your toughts with us.

  10. Richard Perrotti says:

    We will find out DNA doesn’t match!

  11. Lourdes says:

    I absolutely love Voight. I watch the show because of him. If he’s written off I’m not watching it. I want to see justice at least in the movies. We live in a society where criminals have more rights then upstanding citizens 😡

  12. Carla Mullen says:

    Make it easier to find the comment box. When they got rid of the first crooks Voight was working for they lost the momentum to eventually get him out of the show. Without Hank there just isn’t a good enough storyline cuz Burgess and Adam don’t want to go back together. They need to do something for Atwater. That whole burial thing has been done before when the got rid of Al which they shouldn’t have. They can can blame him and think they know he did it but it’s not gonna work. The ficus has always been about him

  13. DANIEL HARTMAN says:

    I agree. Take Hank out…im done..There is no show without Hank. Losing Erin hurt…losing Al hurt..and i miss Antonio prob the most. But there is no way you can get rid of Hank..may as well just cancel the show.

  14. Earskine Hemmingway says:

    I dont know who would in there right mind would even speak on taking out the lead character sergeant hank voight? He is the one who fights for his team him and adam, yes i think he is wrong for barrying the jerks body but he was sticking up for his people!! Let the get rid of the other cop who has been an asswipe since the beginning of the show

  15. grck1953 says:

    Getting rid of Bought would be a huge mistake. Lots of viewers would be lost. Chicago PD always has lots of plot twists and turns and this need to be another major one. Make it happen! Keep Bought, Jay and Hailey, get rid of the robotic, boring FBI guy (by any means necessary)!

  16. JBrady says:

    Totally disagree. There is no ChicagoPD without Voight. Jay’s holier then everyone attitude is getting old and the way they have changed Hailey from a tough cop into a panic attack cry baby is sickening. Hailey was o.k. with being shady when she had Darius Walker killed and when she hid drugs in the guys car. Jay was o.k. with being shady when he was pretending to be someone else with Angela, the wife of the guy that got killed in jail or when he went off the deep end after the fire that killed his father. It’s TV anything can happen but the odds of them getting rid of Voight right now are slim to none.

  17. Rich says:

    As a previous poster indicated, if Jay cooperates with the FBI, Jay and Hailey would no longer be police. The show is not losing 3 characters. I see 2 ways out. 1) The Intelligence Unit works to frame a dead man for Roy’s death, Roy’s friend. They do not have to conclusively prove this. They just have to make a strong enough case that no prosecutor could bring charges against Hank or Hailey. 2) Hank turns himself in. North tells him “I don’t want to arrest you. I will give you immunity for Roy’s death if you work as my CI to take down your friends from the social club.” Scenario 1 is most likely and what I expect. Scenario 2 could lead to some very interesting possibilities.

  18. Luanne says:

    Without Hank Voight you have no show and I would no longer be a fan of CPD. He has made lots of mistakes as all people with tough jobs do. He has shown kindness in situations that surprised me. Hank is a complex character, not many actors could be believable in this important role.

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