‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×07 Review: “Trust Me”

Jay and Hailey on Chicago P.D 9x07
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  1. Jody says:

    I find Jay to be a smirky self righteous jerk most scenes now. I’m also tired of Haley’s brooding. She is basically a female version of what I think Voight was as a young cop.
    Get rid of Jay and Haley. Feature Hank, Atwater, Burgess and the rest of the regular crew. They are at least pleasant to watch and can’t help but love them all.

  2. Marie-Claude Barnabe says:

    Can’t agree more about Voight getting away with things for so long. I’ve been frustrated with this since he refused to help Al when AL needed him most. Same with Antonio. Voight gets people to trust him and when they trust him enough to reach out for help, he puts up a wall and keeps getting away with it. And don’t get me started about that thing he does with his mouth that is supposed to make him look like a good actor…do you see anyone else doing that? Nope!

    I have been hoping that Hailey would be the one to bring him down, but it seems the writers are happy for her to just have brought him down a peg or two. Here’s to hoping that Miller will be the one to finish the job.

    Montreal, Canada

  3. Victoria K. Regina says:

    Upton’s PTSD issues need to be addressed. She’s losing her marbles a little more each week.

  4. Marie Smith says:

    God!! Let’s respect this character of Hailey more. She said it herself “Nobody controls me. Not him, and not you” “I made my own decisions that night” Enough of putting her as Hank’s victim. Jay will have to decide between morals and being with Hailey because obviously both things are not on the same page.

  5. Mary Ellen Abrams says:

    They need to get rid of Upton and bring Lindsay back, and the reason Voight doesn’t want the others to do things he does is so they aren’t like him in the future and so they can be better then him, and he even said that a ear the end of season 8 when he ships Upton off to New York to learn her lesson.

  6. Mary Ellen Abrams says:

    The reason Voight doesn’t want the others to follow his footsteps is bc he sees them to be better then him, and they need to get rid of Upton and bring Lindsay back bc Upton just wants to show up Voight.

  7. Johan says:

    Why does every damn show have to mimick society. Why do you need to see all the warm fuzzies you belive are trendy, right, politically correct. It’s just a damn show. Since when is it illegal or wrong to be offended? If you don’t like it turn it off.

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