‘Pam & Tommy’ 1×08 Review: “Seattle”

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  1. Charles Fernandez says:

    I said it on Twitter I’ll say it here, Pam & Tommy severely overestimated how much I care about Rand. Rand can fork off until the end of time. When the show focused on Pam & Tommy/Pam in particular it was great and made a lot of great points. But, Shelby You Nailed it when you brought up that Pam wasn’t consulted about this show. There were multiple times when the show was hitting various themes through monologues/scenes that I wanted to hold up a mirror and Scream “HELLO POT MEET KETTLE”. Overall I really enjoyed this series and especially, Lily and Seb’s performances but the show focused WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much on Rand. Also, Given the show’s unwillingness to really hold Tommy’s feet to the fire in terms of his abuse, Choosing to end the show with Dolly Parton’s version of “I Will Always Love You” left a really bad taste in my mouth. There are people who are walking away from this thinking that this Romanticized version of Tommy is accurate.

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