One Chicago Day Preview: Chicago Fire Cast & Showrunners Talk Stellaride Wedding, Hawkami and Chief Boden

Chicago Fire - One Chicago Day
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  1. Bobbi says:

    So excited to hear that there may be more Hawkami! They really are good together and even with challenges I think they are solid enough to face them

  2. Rich says:

    Since Hawkami was supposed to be short lived, I wonder if the writers are now conflicted. This lends itself to the possibility that it could go either way.

    Would love to see Peter Mills at the Stelleride wedding, as well as, Kelly playing an old video of Shea we have not seen.

  3. Alexis says:

    I think that the writers (and hopefully the fans) also give Gallo and Violet a real shot. If that was the direction that they were going, I would like to see how it is played out. There is still so much of their story that needs to be told. And if they don’t work out, they don’t – but at least give them a shot.

    I think that if Violet and Gallo are in the same place that they would be incredible.

    I need the writers to begin showing growth in Gallo. This would be great storytelling and I hope they lean this way going forward the rest of the season. Showing him as stable and mature, instead of showing the jealous and insecure Gallo we are seeing on screen at the moment. In the words of Kelly Severide, “He needs to be the man that [Violet] deserves.”

  4. Diane A Haskin says:

    So I have a question is Gabby playing the role of Kidd

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