Chicago P.D. 9×18 Review: “New Guard”

Chicago P.D. 9x18
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  1. Rich says:

    I have mixed emotions about this episode. If Jose Torres is going to become a new member of the Intelligence Unit, then this is another excellent episode in what has been a great season. Torres was given a good back story and the scene with him in the interrogation room was excellent. The fact that Jay doesn’t trust him and that Jose doesn’t trust Jay or the Unit was well done. Trust is a 2 way street and both sides have to earn that trust. Having Jay say that he and Hank trust each other is a big change from where we were about 10 episodes ago. Jay having a scene with Anna is also important. It further establishes her relationship with Jay. We don’t know how episodes 21 and 22 are going to go, but one thing is certain, Jay, Hank and Anna are going to be at the center of it. I hope Jose stays. I don’t think it’s realistic for a unit that does as much undercover work as this one does in Chicago to have only one person of color and I like what Jose is bringing to the table.

    If however, Jose does not join the Unit, then I view this episode as a lost opportunity. In this scenario, I think we would have been better served if we continued Burzek and how Kim and Adam are doing in the aftermath of the previous episode. If they didn’t focus on Burzek, it could have been an opportunity to focus on Kevin. I know the next episode is Kevin centric, but since Kevin has received the fewest number of storylines this season, I would have welcomed back to back Kevin centric episodes.

    I don’t think Voight is going anywhere until the final season of Chicago PD. Chicago PD does not want to see a ratings drop like NCIS saw when Gibbs left. While you don’t like Voight many fans do. One possibility for Chicago PD would be to promote Voight to lieutenant, but keep him attached to the 21st like Beldin was in the first couple of episodes. Jay then becomes sergeant and runs the unit. There would be a little less of Voight, but his presence would still be there and opportunities for him to remain involved in the cases. Jay’s promotion could create a complication as having his wife in the unit he commands may not be permitted. It’s another reason why Jay taking over Intelligence may not happen until the final season of PD.

  2. Tara says:

    Agree: 1. Too much Anna. Just keeps showing up. They really want me to care about her, but I still don’t. 2. I also like Torres (despite the stereotypes) and hope he returns. 3. Jay is an excellent instructor-not everyone has that ability. Brilliant people who are experts in their field are often lousy teachers. 4. The Detectives Halstead continue their sarcasm and banter perfectly, and I completely buy into the love behind it. More please. Also just some team humor. Or a smile. Something. Please.

  3. Sandra Kinka says:

    Loved the show! Intelligence needs more people and Torres just might be the one. I am very fond of Jay as he brings balance to the show, he is my favorite. Just wish there was a little more interaction between Hailey and Jay, as there has not been any since Hank noticed their rings. A smile between the two might be nice or at least a few sweet words about married life. Anyway, Torres would definitely add something to the show.

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